The Socs were the affluent kids. They live on the West Side. The Socs were constantly getting drunk and looking for fights with greasers. The Greasers constantly thought that the Socs had actually it much better than them, however they find out that the Socs are cool to the suggest of not feeling anything. They uncover out that the Socs have it just as unstable as they do. Every one of the Socs drive corvettes and also wore madras. Lock got whatever they wanted, yet had to it is in cool.

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Meet the Socs

~Cherry- Cherry is a red top girl. She drives a red corvette. ~Bob- Bob to be Cherry’s boyfriend. He dies in the publication when he gets drunk and in a fight.~Marcia- Marcia was Randy’s girlfriend. She had actually black hair. ~Randy- Randy was Bob’s ideal friend. He had actually curly hair and also was found, in the book, to it is in “just a guy.”


Cherry to be a red headed Soc. Ponyboy and also Johnny met her at the journey in theater, once she wouldn’t placed up v her drunk boyfriend. When the Greasers and also the Socs to be going to have a rumble Cherry spied ~ above the Socs for the Greasers. She hates fighting and alcohol. Cherry loved to watch the sunset, as did Ponyboy. Cherry claimed that the difference between Greasers and Socs no the money, it was emotions. She claimed that Socs to be cool to the allude of not feeling anything. Cherry stated that she would find herself rambling on around something she didn’t also like, simply to be cool.


Bob to be Cherry’s boyfriend. Johnny eliminated Bob in the book when him and also Randy obtained drunk and went looking for a fight. Bob tries to drown Ponyboy and also Johnny stabs Bob and he dies. Cherry claimed that Bob to be a distinct person and also only want someone come lay under the regulation for him. She believes the if it wasn’t because that alcohol Bob would certainly still be living to this moment. Bob was Randy’s ideal friend in the book and they did whatever together. They want to beat increase Ponyboy and Johnny since they sat with Cherry and also Marcia at the journey in theater. Bob"s parents always blamed themselves if Bob walk something wrong or "bad."

Randy to be Bob’s finest friend and also Marcia’s Boyfriend. Once Bob die Randy goes and talks come Ponyboy. He states that if who told Bob "No" or slugged that one time, that might, simply might, still it is in alive. He states that that was difficult to lose Bob because he to be a great guy when he no drinking. Randy mirrors Pony the Socs are as with Greasers and also have simply as numerous problems as Greasers do.

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Marcia was a young black haired girl. She to be an only child in the book. Her best friend in the book was Cherry. Her boyfriend was Randy. When Randy and also Bob got drunk at the drive in theater, Marcia and also Cherry acquired out that the car and went to clock the movie native the stands. At the stand Marcia met Two-Bit. You have the right to never phone call if Two-Bit is sober or drunk. Marcia and Two-Bit had the very same personality and were obtaining along genuine well.

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