A simile is a figure of decided in i m sorry one thing is likened to another in together a means as to clarify and also enhance one image. The is an clear comparison, easily recognizable by using the indigenous “like” or “as,” unequal the metaphor, whereby the claimed comparison is much more implicit. William Shakespeare is one of countless authors who have actually employed simile to good effects, choose in Sonnet 130, i beg your pardon starts v an apparent simile; “My mistress’ eyes are nothing prefer the sun.”

The epos simile is also a number of speech that denotes comparison, return one that commonly runs for several lines. It is additionally sometimes described as the Homeric simile, due to the fact that Homer, the writer of The Iliad and The Odyssey, often employed the literary device in his epic poems. The similes the Homer writes room detailed and also complex and also are regularly seen as a poem within the original poem. Many of Homer’s epos similes and the authors influenced by him make comparisons with natural elements, favor animals, tree or stars.

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About epos Similes

Often defined as the most prestigious type of a simile, the epos (or Homeric) simile features an extensive comparisons in between two highly facility subjects. These subjects can be people, objects or actions. The epic simile meaning and concept are carefully related to the literary terms catalogue verse and also blazon. The ax blazon is defined as a simile entailing the woman body, when the catalogue verse is a term offered to explain a list of people, things, places or principles in a poem.

Besides being heavily employed by Homer in his two epic poems, The Iliad and also The Odyssey, the epos simile can be checked out in many other poems the equal epic proportion. We deserve to see the Homeric simile, because that example, in Virgil’s Aeneid, an epic poem dated roughly 20 B.C. Composed in Latin, Aeneid speak Aeneas, a Trojan that travels come Italy and also becomes a founder that the Romans. As a character, Aeneas had currently previously appeared in other texts, consisting of Homer’s The Iliad.

Another an excellent example the the epos simile is in man Milton’s sky Lost. Created over a thousand years after Homer and also in a language an extremely distant from Homer’s Greek or Virgil’s Latin Paradise shed was released in 1667 and also tells Adam and also Eve’s temptation by the fallen angel Satan.

Below we will highlight some instances of epic similes uncovered in all 4 of the texts pointed out above; The Iliad, The Odyssey, Aeneid, and also Paradise Lost.

Example of epos simile in Homer’s The Iliad



There room several instances of epic simile in Homer’s Iliad, therefore the example listed below is a mere demonstrate of the Greek poet’s poetic prowess. To put it briefly, the Iliad deals with the Trojan battle from the suggest of watch of the best warrior in every one of Greek mythology, Achilles. In this excerpt, Homer writes that the Greeks, gathering around in council, resemble bees. The complying with is taken native the Lattimore translate in of Homer. In it, we have the right to see how the epic simile is deeper and also richer in comparison come a continual simile we would discover in Shakespeare, because that instance.

“Like the swarms that clustering bees that worry forever

in new bursts indigenous the hole in the stone, and also hang like

bunched grapes as they hover beneath the flowers in springtime

fluttering in swarms with each other this way and that way,

so the plenty of nations of males from the ships and also the shelters

along the prior of the deep sea marched in order

by suppliers to the assembly <…>”

Example of epos simile in Homer’s The Odyssey

The Odyssey, the other great epic poem by Homer, deals v Odysseus’s search to return residence to his kingdom after fighting in the Trojan War. That also, much like his companion poem, features variety of various epic similes. The adhering to excerpt deals with Scylla, a monster who had the habit that eating she victims. Right here is a i comparing how the sea traction Odysseus the end of the rocks with the act of a fisherman capturing an octopus and also ripping that from the environment. The translate into is by Fitzgerald.

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“During his meditation, a hefty surge was acquisition him, in fact, straight on the rocks. He been flayed there, and also his skeleton broken, had not grey-eyed Athena instructed him: the gripped a rock-ledge v both hand in passing and also held on, groaning together the surge went by, to store clear of its breaking. Climate the backwash hit him, ripping him under and also far out. An octopus, as soon as you drag one indigenous his chamber, comes up through suckers complete of small stones: Odysseus left the skin that his great hands torn on the rock-ledge as the wave submerged him. And now at last Odysseus would have perished, battered inhumanly, but he had actually the gift the self-possession from grey-eyed Athena.”

Example of epic simile in Virgil’s Aeneid

Homer deeply impacts Virgil’s Aeneid. It complies with the story that Aeneas as he travels to Italy and discovers the beauty and also novelty. The is additionally a formation tale because that the starts of the roman inn empire. The simile below additionally uses bees, back this time to illustrate exactly how Aeneas saw the an excellent city the Carthage and also its orderly fashion. This is taken from the Ruden translate into of Virgil:

“Like bees in spring across the blossoming land,

Busy in ~ the sun, leading your offspring,

Full get an impressive now, from the hive, or loading cells

Until they swell v honey and also sweet nectar,

Or taking shipments in, or lining up

To guard the fodder native the lazy drones;

The teeming job-related breathes thyme and fragrant honey.”

Example of epos simile in Milton’s paradise Lost


Paradise lost is one epic English city that tells Satan’s story, his fall from heaven and his temptation of Adam and also Eve. It is exciting to look at just how an epic simile is created in English (as protest to one English translation, favor the ones above). The following verses compare Lucifer’s military with fall leaves. We have the right to see the Homeric affect in the means Milton constructs his epic simile.