For the ones among us unfamiliar through it; allow me introduce you to a clip in plenty of North afri countries; Couscous. Normally made using semolina, this healthy grain is served with nearly every enjoy the meal in Morocco, Algeria and its neighboring countries. And like all healthy grains, couscous has spread with the remainder of the world and also into our kitchens.

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Fresh and also Colorful Ingredients for the Couscous Chaat

Couscous, i beg your pardon is appropriately derived native a word an interpretation ‘well-rounded’ as result of its shape, is additionally well rounded nutritionally. Full of crucial B vitamins and minerals, it has actually a low glycemic load and also packs an outstanding 6g that protein every cup, cooked.

Adding come these characteristics is the fact that the couscous sold in ours western industries is pre-steamed and dried…which means all we need to do is add some hot water or stock, cover and leave because that 5 minutes. Voila, it’s all set to serve. Of course, girlfriend could likewise make that in a ‘Couscoussier’, the traditional steamer provided to make couscous in phibìc African countries.


Couscous Chaat, inspired by Bhel, an Indian Street Food

Couscous is like a empty canvas waiting for the ‘food artist’ in me to to fill it v color and also flavor. Over the years, i’ve tried all kinds the Indian odor combinations and ingredients v couscous (andhonestly, no all have actually been successful.) The clean winner is this Couscous Chaat, i beg your pardon has become a much-in-demand next at parties and also my go-to favorite for weeknights.

Our Couscous Chaat uses all the flavor elements of one Indian Chaat (common term supplied for street foodstuffs like thishashand these kebabs throughout India) dubbed ‘Bhel’. What is Bhel, friend say? Well, the a wildly popular street food native West India which supplies a base of puffed rice and also raw chopped vegetables together with a mix that tangy, sweet & spicy chutneys and a crunchy topping.


Using couscous, red onions, tomatoes together with the spicy kick of Serrano peppers and also a chutney-inspired dressing; here's one Indian street food format dish the is simple, addictive and impossible to resist. 
1 cup couscous yields about 3 cup cooked½ cup chopped red onion2 tool tomatoes carefully chopped1 Serrano pepper or 2 Thai chili pepper carefully minced, because that a spicy kickTortilla chips together a crunchy topping
Chutney-inspired Dressing½ cup lemon juice3 tbsp chopped cilantro½ teaspoon minced garlic½ teaspoon floor red chili or Cayenne pepper minimize or minimize for less spicy½ teaspoon ground cumin½ teaspoon salt½ teaspoon cracked black pepper1 tespoon sugar¼ teaspoon amchur or Chaat masala optional, check out notes1 tbsp olive oil
Cook the couscous together per parcel directions. Cover and also leave aside for the serial to absorb the liquid and re-hydrate.
Whisk all the ingredients because that the chutney-inspired dressing with each other in a bowl. Leave the dressing aside for the spices to blend for 5-10 minute while you prepare the vegetables.
Add the chutney-inspired dressing come the couscous and vegetables. Mix well. Let the sit because that 15 minutes because that the seasonings to blend.
Serve topped v hand crushed tortilla chips. This delicious and also spicy couscous functions well as a next to any meat or fish.

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Amchur (dried mango powder) or Chaat masala add to an yes, really Chaat taste come the dish. However, leave it the end if friend don’t have actually either on hand.
Fresh and also Colorful Ingredients for the Couscous Chaat

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Shelby Kroach says

August 17, 2012 at 6:48 pm

what a gorgeous, refreshing couscous dear Peri, simply what the dr ordered for warmth summuer days: ) sending you many love from Istanbul! xxx ozlem

Just placed it all with each other (really easy), and also tasted the still warm. SUPERB! ns used less of the environment-friendly chilies together I have a problem with them, however it was still wonderful. I will certainly be eating it later in the day and imagine it will be simply as delicious cold (and quite refreshing in this warm weather). Just how did girlfriend actually serve it? hot or cold? Reminds me a tiny of tabouli actually however with a different “zing” to it. When again…thanks sooooo much.with love light and JOYPS: will reply to your mail shortly