Let You under - NF|Looking at the chart because that this backdated day - which is 25 December 2017 Christmas job - Ed Sheeran is still in ~ number one through "Perfect". This opens the peak ten the the UK Singles chart to my chart Mondays review. Ns was plan on law Rak-Su"s "Dimelo" special Wyclef Jean & naughty Boy, yet the tune doesn"t have an official music video, which pipeline me with a pair of choices. I made decision on this one, purely due to the fact that it has the less amount of hits on YouTube; who knows what that means in comes weeks, however I look forward to seeing what wake up to the UK Chart. Music videos rarely make me cry, yet this one certainly did, following in the footsteps the P!nk"s"What about Us"; ns swear I"m becoming an emotional wreck once it comes to an individual emotional music videos. Clock an old guy watching his son, NF, drown and then burn in a fire, then look down on the in a coffin, emotion sad he was never proud of him, with a mighty twist at the finish in the music video clip for hit solitary "Let girlfriend Down".NF, real name Nathan Feuerstein, is one American Christian hip-hop artist who has a total of four album releases come date. All of his singles have charted ~ above the united state Billboard Christan song chart, but this is the one that has actually truly given NF a enormous international hit. It"s true, it really does take just one song, and this is the one. I"m pretty sure this is the start of NF releasing graph hit after graph hit as much more and an ext people discover his music. This song peaked in ~ number two in Sweden and Norway, number 4 in Ireland, and also number six in Finland and also the UK. "Let girlfriend Down" was written by Nathan Feuerstein.Directed by Nathan Feuerstein and also Patrick Tohill, this music video clip hits every viewer in the heart; if the song wasn"t emotionally enough, paired through this music video it truly provides us all, all sorts that feels. It has actually one twisted of an finishing too.The opened scene watch an old man walk down to a dock ~ above a lake. As soon as the chorus finishes and NF"s rap launches in, a young male is viewed flailing roughly in the water, fully-clothed, drowning. The old man does nothing, as he the town hall his son, played by NF, die in the water. Together the chorus returns, the older guy lip-syncs to the song, as if the chorus is words indigenous himself.The 2nd verse kicks in and we"re transported come a ar where a vehicle is surrounding by flames. Within is NF, as soon as again, together his father watches ~ above - once again. The chorus comes earlier as the automobile lights up and burns completely. The last verse come in as we see a coffin in an open up grave, the old man opens the lid and also reveals his kid lying there; he"s in shock and also dismayed in ~ himself.We return to the drowning scene together we close to the finish of the video. This is wherein the full-on twist comes in. We view a close-up the the father"s face, climate a close-up the his arm, which displays a tattoo that a word beginning with R-E-A - i beg your pardon we have the right to presume is the exact same tattoo NF has actually which actually says "Real Music"; and, the shocker of castle all, the old man"s wife, we presume, comes out and says "Nathan?" as if that"s his name. Definition the whole video clip is one old male looking ago on his younger self, proclaiming the he let himself down. It"s together a shocking however interesting twist.Most people are running with the father-son idea though, and also let"s just presume they had actually the exact same name and also matching tattoos. This do me cry because this is something very real in mine life, and also many other people"s lives. All I want to carry out is make my parents proud, and also all that i have accomplished to date is something i am proud of, myself; and I know I"m walking to achieve so much more, yet my father is always putting me down and also it does make me desire to provide up sometimes.

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This music video clip is beyond personal, and also so is the song. NF has produced a masterpiece, one we all should watch and listen to! He"s absolutely has become my brand-new favourite rapper, singing around real things and real life.
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