there are countless legends in the music world, and also Michael Jackson is, without a doubt, among them. Even if it is they"ve been adhering to him since his days in the Jackson 5 or castle love his "Thriller" era the most, his pan think that he had a sense of style that no one can ever match.

together time go on, news of Jackson"s plastic surgeries and high-profile friendship with Macaulay Culkin seemed come overshadow anything having to execute with his talent or music. After Jackson passed away on June 25th, 2009, world started wondering around what his final day was like, and there"s one detail in specific that pan have concentrated on. Let"s take a look.

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The critical Meal

Celebrity diets are constantly a source of interest for people. Kylie jenner balances fries and juice and plenty of other stars have specific things the they will or won"t eat.

In Michael Jackson"s case, civilization are curious around what that ate prior to he pass away.

"What would you eat for your last meal?" is a popular question that celebrities and other public figures are sometimes asked on TV, radio, or podcast interviews. It"s a fascinating question as it gives someone a opportunity to daydream about the many delicious food the they deserve to imagine.

Michael Jackson"s critical meal seems prefer it was chicken and spinach salad. Follow to Fox News, his personal chef, Kai Chase, states that top top his final day, Jackson didn"t eat granola and almond milk and also fruit juice for breakfast. That usually appreciated that breakfast every day, and also at lunchtime, he would eat chicken and spinach salad. Cheat Sheet confirms that spinach and also chicken was what he ate on that last day. Dinner because that the household was sometimes ahi tuna, which to be seared.

Michael Jackson"s Food

What walk Michael Jackson eat regularly? human being who knew him talk around how the was sure to emphasis on healthy and balanced food.

Jackson"s protection specialist, Mike LaPerruque, was through the singer for a long time as he to be hired for the 2001-2004 years and then again in 2007 and also 2008. LaPerruque stated that Michael Jackson ate brown rice and also chicken. Follow to ABC News, he stated of the family, "I constantly saw what they to be eating, and also it was always healthy -- chicken, brown rice, vegetables. He was constantly eating healthy."

Kevin McLin, who once functioned as the publicist for Jackson and who was close to the family, said that Michael Jackson didn"t eat red meat. He mentioned vegetables, Chinese, and turkey burgers as some of the foodstuffs that the singer ate top top a regular basis. That said, "He was just careful about what that ate; he simply tried to it is in healthy."

Life as Jackson"s personal Chef

Chase also told Fox News that they to be thrilled to be hired together Michael Jackson"s an individual chef. Lock joked about being "punked" as they couldn"t believe that it was really happening.

Chase claimed Jackson"s children were careful to make certain that they to be the ideal fit because that the family. They said, "I involved the house and the first people ns met to be the kids. They began interviewing me. Castle told me: "We"re into healthy eating." follow shared more about the type of food the Jackson wanted. Follow said, "I said, "What around doing comfort-food Saturdays? We might do barbecued chicken and also corn ~ above the cob, possibly Mexican food or soul food."" Jackson was careful since some food would cause cramps, and he didn"t desire that to take place when he to be dancing and performing.

an ext About His critical Moments

The LA Times wrote around Michael Jackson"s critical moments on June 24th and also June 25th and said that he was having actually trouble sleeping. Conrad Murray, his doctor, gave him some substances that were designed because that sleep. Yet he went to the hospital and he had gotten in cardiac arrest, and he passed away.

Jackson"s vocal director, Dorian Holley, common with that he had been getting ready for a tourism in London the would include 50 performance dates. He was enjoying rehearsing and also it sounded prefer he was yes, really excited.

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Holley said the publication, "You would certainly think that, top top the one hand, the human being has sort of beaten him up, and also you can forgive him for having actually some trepidation and also fear. However he didn"t have any of that. Native fail to define what human being would have seen through the tour. I couldn"t even imagine till last week as soon as it became physically noticeable . The was all set to display the world, and also I so wish there could have been just one concert for this reason the human being would have actually seen."

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