One that the many familiar encounters on Good Morning America is Robin Roberts. After years on radio, she operated her way to a effective television career. Right here is Robin Robert’s network worth and how much she makes on Good Morning America.

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The early years and also rise come fame

Roberts started her career as a regional television and radio sports anchor in she hometown that Mississippi. From 1990 to 2005, she offered as a sportscaster ~ above ESPN’s SportsCenter. After leaving ESPN in 2005, she became co-anchor on Good Morning America.

How lot Robin Roberts makes on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts is right now the highest-paid anchor on good Morning America. She earns an yearly salary the $18 million, follow to Forbes. Another host who provides close to Roberts’ salary is Michael Strahan, v an yearly salary the $17 million. Following is George Stephanopoulos, who earns $15 million a year.

Good Morning America salaries are similar to other major news networks. CBS’s Scott Pelley earns $16 million and also CNN’s Anderson Cooper earns $12 million. However, one outlier is NBC’s Megyn Kelly, who apparently signed a contract to receive a $69 million salary over three years, before she was dismissed for making racially insensitive comments.


During her time in ~ ABC, Roberts and her team won 4 Emmy Awards for outstanding Morning Program and also the 2017 People’s selection Award for favourite Daytime TV Hosting Team. Furthermore, in 2012, Good Morning America winner a Peabody Award because that the coverage the Roberts’ fight with myelodysplastic syndrome. The adhering to year, she received he Arthur Ashe courage Award in ~ the ESPYs.

How she makes her money


Robin Roberts | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The host established her own digital and also broadcast manufacturing company, Rock’n Robin Productions. Programming partners encompass ABC News, ESPN, Good Morning America, Lifetime, special Olympics, and WebMD. Together President, Roberts oversees an imaginative content and new business partnerships.

She additionally earns money through publication sales. Roberts is the author of two publications titled My Story, mine Song: Mother-Daughter reflect on Life and also Faith (published in 2012) and also Everybody’s acquired Something (published in 2013), which made The brand-new York Times best sellers list.

Robin Roberts’ network worth

Robin Roberts has actually an estimated net worth of $35 million.

What’s next for Robin Roberts

Roberts recently announced a 12-part digital docuseries she will certainly be hosting and producing. The series, i m sorry is sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb, airs every Thursday under the surname “Thriver Thursday.” The collection aims to present the stays of people who have overcome good odds and managed to thrive despite adversity.

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According to the Thriver Thursday website, this is one initiative expected to put the spotlight on “thrivers,” i m sorry are defined as “people that persevere, attain their goals, and also even surpass them regardless of life-altering circumstances.” Roberts will interview civilization who have “experienced a catastrophic diagnosis, unforeseen loss, divorce, and an individual betrayal. These space the world who to be dealt a selection and they decided to thrive,” claims the series description.

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