Before spanning the recent 916 / 279 area code overlay, we’ll begin with a little of area code history.

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In 1947, area codes were introduced to the united States and Canada. The 916 area code was one of the initial three area password in California. The various other two to be 415 and 213.

American states and Canadian provinces that were just assigned one area password for the whole state or province had a “0” in the middle of the assigned area code. States and also provinces that had an ext than one area password assigned to them had actually a “1” in the center of every of the area codes.

Because rotating dialing of larger numbers was laborious, extremely populated areas such as brand-new York (212) and Southern California (213) to be assigned low numbers to minimization the term of “pulls” on a rotary dial.

916 numbers Were to run Out

Where is area code 916? The area password serves the higher Sacramento area, which includes parts that El Dorado, Solano, Sutter, Yolo, Placer, and also Sacramento Counties. The 916 area password is in the Pacific time zone.

As with various other parts the the joined States and also Canada, populace growth and the proliferation of cell phone phones has actually resulted in the pool of numbers within an area password running out. According to the California publicly Utilities the supervisory board (CPUC), the 916 area code was forecasted to use up all its accessible prefixes through the first quarter that 2018.

Because of this, the CPUC approved the new 279 area code, which was introduced in September, 2017.

On Feb. 9, 2017, the CPUC announced the area password 279 would be presented as one overlay. The an excellent news about an overlay is the no present numbers v 916 area codes were converted to 279.

However, v an overlay, a newly created business across the room may have a phone number that starts with area password 279, while her business’s number still begins with 916.

Because that the overlay, all calls made in ~ the present 916 business area necessary to start with “916” as of September 2017. Dialing only seven digits outcomes in an intercept message.

In general, landlines also require a 1 to it is in dialed in former of the area code. Mobile phones and also VoIP phones frequently do not call for a 1.

If our company moves, will certainly we shed our area password 916 phone call numbers?

If your company is using traditional landline service and also your business moves to a new city, friend may lose your 916 numbers.

If you are using company VoIP or make a move to organization VoIP, you have the right to keep your 916 numbers, even if your business moves outside the 916 / 279 area.

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What does The 279 Area password Overlay typical for Sacramento Area Businesses?

While that is also close to a Y2K event, there are a couple of things that must be considered.

Speed Dial Numbers

If your workdesk phone’s preprogrammed rate dial numbers in ~ the 916 area code are right now stored as seven digits, these might no longer work together of September 2017. You, one administrator or your company telephone partner needs to change stored number such as 555-1212 to 916-555-1212.

Call Forwarding

If you have actually any kind of speak to forwarding pointing come a 7 digit number in ~ 916, the 916 prefix needs to be included to the forwarding string.

Burglar Alarms

If her company’s burglar alarm is programmed to dial a local seven number number quite than a toll totally free number, the alarm have to be reprogrammed come dial 1 + 916 + the seven digit number. CBS Sacramento reported on this.

Security Doors and also Gate Systems

If any suggest of entry gadgets are at this time programmed come dial seven digits, 1 + 916 must be added.

Your neighborhood Customers

Of course, her customers in ~ the 916 area code must dial your area code very first as well.

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The 916 separation with the 279 area password overlay is walking to take a little getting provided to for all involved. The big change in habit is the all call numbers, also area code 916 numbers, will must be dialed making use of ten or eleven digits.