The definition of a buffy coat frequently depends on who you ask. Buffy coat indigenous a research study lab processing point of view is a different product 보다 buffy coat developed from a blood financial institution or donor center.

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Often, the terms buffy coat and PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) are supplied interchangeably, but there space differences between the 2 in cabinet subset composition. Buffy coat generally refers to the whole white blood cabinet layer ~ centrifugation when PBMCs refers to the secluded mononuclear portion of white blood cells.

When peripheral whole blood is centrifuged, a white blood cabinet “buffy coat” layer is be separate out. The buffy coat layer contains lymphocytes, monocytes, and also granulocytes (Figure 1). However, when totality blood is layered top top a density gradient and also centrifuged, a clean PBMC great is be separate out. The PBMC layer includes primarily lymphocytes and also monocytes, through very tiny granulocyte air pollution due to distinctions in density (Figure 2).


In a blood bank or donor center setting, a buffy coat is handle from a whole unit of blood. After donation, a entirety unit of blood is centrifuged in the initial collection bag. Next, the centrifuged unit is put on one expressor in i beg your pardon the plasma, buffy coat, and RBC (red blood cell) components are transferred into separate bags in a closed, sterile mechanism (Figure 3).

Buffy coat bags contain around 75-100mL and have the illustration of totality blood because a tiny amount of RBCs is expressed right into the buffy coat bag. The buffy coat in the bag consists of a mixture of lymphocytes, monocytes, and also some granulocytes.


Understanding the end application is important in choosing whether a buffy coat or secluded PBMC product is the proper material. More often 보다 not, researchers need isolated PBMCs, together opposed come buffy coats, due to the fact that they are extremely pure in mononuclear cells: lymphocytes and also monocytes. provides isolated PBMCs that have actually been QC tested because that both viability and also purity, ensuring high-quality cell to fast-track research.

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Being both a provider of buffy coats secluded from whole blood units and a provider of isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), serves customers by offering a selection of different blood-derived immune cabinet products.