Bahrain is one archipelagic nation with a complete territory of roughly 780 sq. Kilometres in the Persian Gulf. The key island the Al Bahrayn account for about 78% of the country"s territory. Many important petroleum areas of the Middle eastern surround this island. 33 additional islands room also component of the country.

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As it was observed on the physics map that Bahrain above, virtually 92% the Bahrain is a desert through low-lying rocky and sandy plains. Seaside salt marshes are common in the central and southern reaches, and also there are no far-reaching rivers or lakes. The Persian Gulf is the lowest suggest of the nation (0 m) and extensive coral reefs sheathe the northern part of the island.

Within the inner of Bahrain, there sits an escarpment called Jabal ad Dukham, and also it is the highest suggest of the country, reaching 400 ft. (122 m). Its position has been marked on the map by a yellow upright triangle.

In addition to the various smaller islands in ~ the archipelago, the staying islands that Bahrain encompass Umm together Sabaan, Nabih Saleh, and also Jidda Island. Freshwater springs and date palm groves period the landscape of Nabih Saleh, if Jidda"s rocky terrain plays host to a state jail converted right into a vacation resort. The continuing to be uninhabited islands offer as nesting sites because that migratory birds.

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Governorates the Bahrain Map


Bahrain (officially, The Kingdom that Bahrain) is divided into 4 governorates (muhafazat, sing. Muhafazah). In alphabet order, this governorates are: Asimah (capital), Janubiyah (southern), Muharraq and also Shamaliyah (northern). 

With an area that 780 sq. Km, Bahrain is the third-smallest country in Asia. Situated at the north-eastern leaf of Bahrain Island in the Persian Gulf, is Manama – the capital and also largest city of Bahrain. Manama is the country’s cook port and also also critical economic and also commercial facility in the center East. 

Where is Bahrain?


Bahrain is an island country in the middle East. The is positioned in the Northern and eastern hemispheres the the Earth. The archipelago is composed of the key island Al Bahrayn and other tiny islands. Bahrain is situated in the Persian Gulf, to the east of Saudi Arabia and also to the north of Qatar. Bahrain shares its maritime boundaries with Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

Regional Maps: Map that Asia

Outline Map the Bahrain

The above outline map to represent the nation of Bahrain in the center East. It reflects the main island that the country, Al Bahrayn (the largest island) and surrounding smaller sized islands. The map deserve to be downloaded because that free, printed, and used because that coloring or education purpose.

The above map to represent the archipelagic middle Eastern country of Bahrain. 

Key Facts

Legal surname Flag resources City full Area floor Area Water Area populace biggest City currency GDP GDP every Capita
Kingdom the Bahrain

26 14 N, 50 34 E
760.00 km2
760.00 km2
Al-Manamah (Manama) (634,508)

Bahraini dinars (BHD)
$38.57 Billion

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