Comparative adjectives compare 2 things. Superlative adjective compare an ext than 2 thingsCommonly, adjectives the contain only one syllable or end in "y" use "er" to form comparatives and "est" to type superlatives. For adjectives finishing in y, adjust the "y" come "i" before adding the "er" or "est".old – older – oldestyoung – younger – youngestpretty – prettier – prettiestlong – longer – longestshort – shorter – shortestbright – brighter – brightestclose – closer – closesthappy – more happiness - happiestAdjectives with two or an ext syllables carry out not adjust but rather add more to type comparatives and also most to kind superlatives.respectable – much more respectable – many respectablebeautiful – an ext beautiful – most beautifulpreferable – an ext preferable – many preferablehardworking – more hardworking – many hardworkingSome adjectives have various forms the comparatives and superlatives.good – better – bestbad – worse – worstlittle – less – leastmuch (many) – more – mostfar – further - furthestThe word 보다 typically appears in compare sentences.Amy is smarter 보다 Betty.Chad is more powerful than Dan.Greg is much more diligent than his brother.I have an ext apples 보다 he.She likes him an ext than me.Superlatives are typically accompanied by words the.Tom is the oldest guy in town.Paul is the tallest boy in the neighborhood.That the shade of blue is the many beautiful color.This is the longest tune that i have ever before heard.

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Write the proper comparative or superlative kind of words cold in each blank.Yesterday was a cold day.

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Now is                      than yesterday. Tomorrow will be the                      work yet.
Which of the complying with sentences is incorrect?1)Mary is shorter than Jane.2)The moon is much more closer to the earth than the sun.3)I have actually the best score top top the exam.Fill in the blanks.1)My friend has actually a pretty purse, but I have actually a                      one.2)The                      weather is yet to come!3)Today"s sunshine is                      beautiful 보다 yesterday"s.View Answers
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