literature : to be helpful or helpful to (someone or something) Our ideal efforts availed <=gained> united state nothing. This understanding availed she little. <=it to be not an extremely helpful or helpful to her> Our finest efforts did no avail.

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Synonyms: Verb

Synonyms: Noun

Antonyms: Noun

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Verb In together a Hobbesian world, grand idealistic designs will certainly avail the United states nothing. Nor will certainly a pursuit for American prominence in the name of the good. — Laura Secor, New York Times book Review, 26 June 2005 shortly middle-class girls were slipping into their starched white shirtwaists, marching right into a location of company … and eventually standing increase as personal secretaries, financial institution tellers, accountants, and managers. So many, in fact, availed themselves of this new opportunity the by 1900 practically 75 percent of every clerical workers in America were women (Bliven puts the number, in 1888, in ~ 60,000); and for decades the typist and also her maker were both referred to as "typewriters." — Arthur Krystal, Harper"s, December 2002 One comes away from the publication stunned by the remarkable energy and willingness to resist that so numerous demonstrated yet haunted through the acknowledgment of how tiny that resistance availed. — luigi Menand, New Yorker, 25 Nov. 2002 Our best efforts did no avail. all her begging will not avail girlfriend in the least Noun It appeared to be the nationwide dish, as it appeared on every menu. The is a spicy pork or veal stew through tomatoes and also onions and a tiny sour cream top top top. It to be fabulous, and I"m dice to acquire the recipe. I"ve spent hrs looking for it top top the internet to no avail. — Linda Walker, Cook"s Country, June 1995 In the 14th century the porcelain from China do its method westward along trade routes to Europe"s rich and royal. The artist of Europe tried to duplicate the Chinese formula and process, but to no avail. — Hattie Clark, Christian scientific research Monitor, 3 Aug. 1987 although I appreciate the concern, your help would be of small avail in this situation
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Recent examples on the Web: Verb These civilization should avail themselves the the possibility to no watch Chappelle’s action or come not job-related for Netflix. — The Editors, National Review, 16 Oct. 2021 Either new market methods must open up concomitantly with the scale-up of pyrolytic hydrogen, or storage options must avail themselves till a durable carbon market deserve to develop. — Baker Institute, Forbes, 22 Sep. 2021 Another way to stay on optimal of the task search procedure is come avail yourself the newsletters and also alerts. — Charles G. Thompson, Wired, 18 Sep. 2021 Italy’s instance study shows Americans could be an ext willing to obtain vaccinated in stimulate to have the ability to avail themselves the services and also get back to some kind of normality. — Annalisa Merelli, Quartz, 11 Sep. 2021 Magnussen walk avail himself of part recordings that Sirico to assist get his distinctive patter down. — mockery Rottenberg, Los Angeles Times, 25 Aug. 2021 Peters and the various other senators stated that veterans between the ages of 18 come 34 have the greatest suicide rates among former organization members and that plenty of of castle don"t avail themselves that VA mental health resources. — Todd Spangler, Detroit free Press, 5 Sep. 2021 And, through the absence of black midwives, black communities became even much less likely come avail themselves of midwife services. — Annalisa Merelli, Quartz, 4 Sep. 2021 The group uses food handouts to convince homeless people to avail themselves of units in the organization’s 12 apartment complexes. — Renee Ghert-zand,, 24 Aug. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Noun Bender tried to coax the woman into inpatient care for additional treatment, yet to no avail. — Annie Blanks, San Antonio Express-News, 21 Oct. 2021 president Barack Obama ignored the issue during his very first term, then pressed because that ever-larger increases in his second, though to no avail. — Timothy Noah, The new Republic, 14 Oct. 2021 Romano"s household looked at flying right into neighboring airports in Phoenix, Los Angeles and also San Diego -- anything that would get them in the general vicinity, yet to no avail. — Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN, 13 Oct. 2021 Sheskey and another officer tried to shock him through their stun guns to no avail. —, 9 Oct. 2021 Sheskey and also another officer tried to shock him v their stun weapons to no avail. — Todd Richmond, USA TODAY, 9 Oct. 2021 profession bodies have also sought clarity ~ above the government’s syringe requirement, yet to no avail. — Manavi Kapur, Quartz, 8 Oct. 2021 Sheskey and also another officer tried come shock him with their stun guns to no avail. —, 9 Oct. 2021 Sheskey and also another officer tried to shock him through their stun weapons to no avail. — Todd Richmond, USA TODAY, 9 Oct. 2021

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14th century, in the definition defined in ~ intransitive sense


15th century, in the definition defined above

History and also Etymology for avail

Verb and also Noun

center English, Anglo-French availler, most likely from a- (from Latin ad-) + valer, valoir to it is in of worth, native Latin valēre — an ext at wield