What is Meter?

“Meter” is the underlying structure of a musical beat. It describes the “count” that a song, or how many individual to win you would certainly count the end if you to be tapping your foot to the beat. Many commonly, the meter will be a 4-count, meaning it has actually a sample in which you count 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4. However, countless other songs have actually a 3-count or a 2-count meter. An ext rarely, you may discover songs with a 5-count, 7-count, or all kinds of various other numbers. These meters can be very an overwhelming to monitor if you’re no trained in music!

Meter is one of the main components of a song’s backbeat. The beat, however, likewise includes other components such as tempo, the rate of the count.

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The hatchet “meter” is provided in both poetry and music, however in both locations it method basically the very same thing. Meter is straightforward to see when you’re reading classic poetry — simply count the variety of syllables every line, notification which ones room emphasized, and try to uncover the pattern. Here’s an instance from Shakespeare:

And they chandelier fetch thee jewels from the deep,And sing if thou top top pressed flowers dost sleep;

Meter is what renders the poetry sound musical — together you check out these lines, you virtually want to tap your foot in addition to them. An alert that every line has 5 emphasized syllables and 5 non-emphasized persons (you need to pronounce the words “jewel,” “pressed,” and “flower” a little strangely since Shakespearean English had actually a various sound come it). Each emphasized rate comes ideal after a non-emphasized one, and the sample is really consistent. Modern poetry regularly has a lot looser meter, or periodically none in ~ all!

So in a single song, you can have two different meters: one because that the lyrics and also one because that the underlying framework of the song. In hip-hop, because that example, the “beat” is usually really steady and also easy come count out — nearly always a 4-count meter. However the lyrics usually have a lot looser meter, which usually does not correspond to the meter the the beat. Take this instance from Eminem:

His palms space sweaty, knees weak, arms room heavyThere’s vomit on his pullover already, mom’s spaghetti

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If you hear to the backbeat, you’ll discover it’s really easy to count. Definitely a 4-count. But the lyrics have actually a loosened 5-count meter, through 5 emphasized rate in each line. Together the track goes on, this lyrical meter changes constantly – a very complicated musical and also poetic meter! however while all that intricacy is walk on, the 4-count meter stays precisely the exact same in the drums.

Meter vs. Rhythm

Meter and rhythm are very closely associated terms, however “meter” is a little an ext technical. Meter is the most straightforward component of valuation — how numerous beats you counting out when you’re tapping along. Yet the rate of a track is more than simply the pulse of win in the meter. Rhythm also involves the way a composer (or performer) creates secondary pattern through playing about with the meter, walking in and also out the time or picking which components of the meter to emphasize.

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For example, reggae and folk music both typically use a 4-count meter, yet reggae emphasizes the 2 and 4, while individual emphasizes the 1 and 3.

Reggae: 1-2-3-4 Folk: 1-2-3-4

You can hear the difference by listening come a pair of Bob Marley songs. In “Could You be Loved,” the strums the guitar on 2 and also 4, therefore the tune sounds prefer what you mean from reggae: