Ever heard the state blend or digraph? What is the difference in between blends and digraphs anyway? I’m so glad you asked!

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There are numerous phonics state that deserve to be a bit confusing. Blend and also digraph are no exceptions. Let’s conveniently talk around the differences.

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The Difference in between Blends and Digraphs

What is a Blend?

A blend is 2 consonants the come together and they both keep their sounds. Because that example, think around the sl in the word slide. Friend can clearly hear the sound of the s and the sound the the l in words slide.

There space several teams of blends. Some are only uncovered at the beginning of words, some are uncovered only in ~ the end of words, and also some can be uncovered in one of two people place. Castle include:

l-blends – bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, & sl

r-blends – br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, & tr

s-blends – sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, & sw

t-blends – tr, tw

ending blends – ft, lk, ld, lt, mp, nd, & nt


I love to tell kids, “A blend is two letters, placed together, and you hear BOTH/TWO sounds.”

What is a Digraph?

A digraph is 2 consonants that come with each other to do ONE sound. Because that example, think around the sh in words sheep. You deserve to hear the sh provides one sound /sh/.

There are common digraphs like ch, sh, th, and wh.

There are less typical digraphs choose wr, kn, gn, gh, and ph.


I tell kids, “A digraph is two letters, put together, and also you hear ONE sound.”

Debates about details Blends & Digraphs

Different analysis curricula define particular letter combinations in different ways.

For example, some human being say qu is a digraph while others say it’s a blend. Another pair of discussed sounds are last ng and nk. Instead of to teach -ng or -nk on your own, I favor to teach them together welded sound or glued sound chunks with a vowel before them.

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Honestly, don’t get too hung up what you call these tricky letter combinations. It’s much more important that you teach children with just how to use them in their reading and also spelling than in even if it is you speak to them a blend or digraph.


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