Diaries and journals room often puzzled with each other, the words offered interchangeably, yet there are some huge differences between the two, and also both have the right to serve very different purposes. In this blog article we take it a closer look at both books, and assist you decide which is finest for her requirements.

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What is a diary?

A diary is a book that is provided to record occasions as they happen, or to arrangement for future events. Because that example, you could use it to note down important dates throughout the year to continue to be organised, or you could use the to note down your thoughts top top a everyday basis.

If you must track data in a disciplined path — for example: exercise, food intake, water intake, weight, mood, or symptoms — then a diary is best with that structured layout. Friend can even buy tiny planner stickers, do tracking data in your diary super straightforward and fun, too!

Diaries come in a selection of layouts, including one day every page, one week per page, and also one week per dual page spread. If you have more to compose each day, a work per page layout would certainly be beneficial, yet if you desire a smaller sized and more concise diary, then try a week per page type. Of course, diaries also come in a wide range of shapes and also sizes, i m sorry is an additional factor to take into consideration when selecting one. If you space going to lug your diary roughly with you, mental to inspect it fits in your continuous bag before you purchase!


“What is a diary as a rule? A file useful to the human being who keeps it. Dull to the modern-day who reads it and also invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who prizes it.”

– Walter Scott

What is a journal?

A journal have the right to have a variety of uses yet is frequently used because that the purpose of trying out ideas. Uneven a diary, a journal is unstructured when you purchase it, and then friend can include in any kind of structure you would certainly like. However, journals are often used for an innovative purposes and are right for jotting down notes top top travel, ideas, thoughts, dreams, goals, and also so on. For this reason, structure have the right to be as well stifling.

Find out how to save a bullet journal and also how to keep a take trip journal in this blog posts.

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Journals likewise lend themselves well to lists — a bucket list, a gratitude list, something at all you’d prefer to note down. Another use is an innovative writing. Execute you have actually a story within you? get writing in your journal!


“Every an excellent thinker keeps a journal, friend know.”

– Trenton Lee Stewart

Diary vs. Journal

So, which have to you purchase — a diary or a journal? for structured writing and organisation, pick a diary. For much more freedom, opt because that a journal.