The main difference in between postulates and also theorems is that postulates space assumed to it is in true without any proof if theorems can be and must be proven to be true.

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Theorems and postulates space two ideas you find in geometry. In fact, these space statements the geometrical truth. Postulates room the principles that space thought to it is in obviously true the they carry out not need proof. Theorems space mathematical statements that us can/must prove to it is in true.

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1. What are Postulates – Definition, Characteristics2. What space Theorems – Definition, Characteristics3. Relationship in between Postulates and also Theorems – overview of usual Features4. Difference in between Postulates and also Theorems – to compare of crucial Differences

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Postulates, Theorems


What are Postulates

Postulates room the mathematical statements we assume to it is in true without any kind of proof. They are ideas we take into consideration to be so clear true the they perform not need proof. Because that instance, the statement that a line includes at the very least two points is a postulate. This is so obvious and generally welcomed that us don’t normally require any kind of proof to expropriate it as true. We create theorems and also lemmas on the communication of theorems. In fact, it possible to create a theorem from one or more postulate.


Figure 1: Euclid’s Parallel Postulate

Basic characteristics of Postulates

A postulate have to be straightforward to know – because that example; it should not have actually a lot of words the are daunting to understand.They need to be regular when combined with various other postulates.We should have the ability to use them independently.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that some postulates are not constantly correct. A postulate may prove to it is in incorrect after ~ a new discovery. For example, Einstein’s postulate the the world is homogenous is no longer welcomed as correct.

What space Theorems

A organize is a mathematical explain we deserve to prove together true. We deserve to prove castle by making use of logical reasoning or by using various other theorems that have been already proven true. In fact, A to organize that has to be confirmed in order to prove one more theorem is dubbed a lemma. Postulates room the basis on which we build both lemmas and also theorems. 4 colour theorem, Pythagorean theorem, and Fermat’s critical Theorem space some instances of theorems.


Figure 02: Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem

According come Pythagorean Theorem, when a triangle has actually a appropriate angle (90°), and each of the 3 sides that the triangle makes up squares, the best square has actually the same area as the other two squares put together. In various other words, the square the the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the various other two sides. We can indicate this making use of the equation a2 + b2 = c2.

Relationship in between Postulates and Theorems

Theorems and postulates space statements the geometrical truth.We produce theorems based upon postulates.

Difference in between Postulates and also Theorems


Postulates room the mathematical statements we assume to be true without any kind of proof when theorems are mathematical explanation we can or should prove together true.


Postulates room assumed to be true without any kind of proof, if theorems have the right to be proven together true.

Need for Proof

Furthermore, we don’t have to prove postulates because they state the obvious, yet theorems room not therefore obvious and also can be proven by logical thinking or making use of lemmas.


Postulates are the mathematical statements us assume to it is in true without any proof if theorems are mathematical explanation we deserve to or have to prove as true. Hence, the main difference in between postulates and also theorems is your proof.

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