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Are you large fan of seafood? How about a small comparison between clams and oysters? Both clam and oyster room bivalves – shellfish through two part shell and two muscles. They have actually been roughly over 500 million year ago. World have to be eating them for at the very least 165000 years. Return both belong come the Mollusk course and comparable in a variety of ways, there room a lot of of differences between them.

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Differences between clams and also oysters

Did you know that clams are usually live in fresh water, an ext mobile and also move roughly on your muscle foot burying us in the mud or sand under the water? ~ above the other hand, oysters live in salt water. Other than for first weeks of their initial stages, when oysters still have a muscle foot, castle are largely attached come the very same spot together a tough surface or a absent in the water because that the entire life. They choose to remain to the water surface and we have the right to easily an alert them ~ above the mud once it is short tide.

Clam has actually a shiny and also smooth shell, whereas oysters covering is an ext calcified and rough. Both are used as a food in numerous countries, however preferred one is clam due to its taste and also tenderness.

Besides, oysters are known for producing pearls, when calms execute not. Pearl is formed, once oyster produces nacre, the mix of calcium and protein, versus the foreign matter trapped in the shell.


In today’s competitive food market, shellfish take one of the significant places due to their nutritional content. Despite the fact that both clam and oyster room a goldmine of crucial substances, let’s compare your nutritional content.

Mineral comparison

You have the right to easily notice from the charts below that oyster is enormously richer in Copper and Zinc, considerably richer in Iron and Magnesium, and lower in Sodium. On the various other side, claim is richer in Phosphorus, Potassium and also Calcium. Thus, oyster wins in this content.

Vitamin comparison

From the ideology of vitamins claim is unexpected winner. That is drastically higher in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, fairly greater in Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and also slightly greater in Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A. Yet oyster is greater in folic acid. Quantity of Vitamin B1 is equal.

Macronutrients comparison

In this part claim is medal-holder again with its greater concentration the protein, lower content of saturation fats, cholesterol and also carbohydrates.


Health benefits

High level of Zinc in oysters contribute to an excellent eyesight through ensuring enough pigmentation in the retina, skin, nail and also hair reparation by developing and raising collagen. The is worth pointing out the role of Zinc in right function of immune system and cell growth. Zinc also prevents versus inflammation as an antioxidant. In addition, Zinc is important for the sex-related health, because it plays good role in a suitable formation and breakthrough of germ cells, in manufacturing of sexual hormones. On the various other hand, clams v high contents of Calcium, and also Phosphorus protect against osteoporosis.

Clam is higher in Vitamin B12, which prevents versus Megaloblastic anemia and neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer disease. Shell is richer sufficient in Vitamin C that renowned for that anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant properties. In contrast, oyster is higher in Folic acid (Vitamin B9), which is important for prospective parents, due to the fact that it has a great value in a right development of germ cells, advancement of embryo’s brain, especially during the an initial trimester that pregnancy. Besides, folic mountain reduces the level of homocysteine in the blood, high level of which add to development of atherosclerotic plaques and damage that blood vessels, raising by this means the threat of love attack.


From the very start that is vital to allude out the clams and oysters space filter-feeders, which method they use their gills to filter water and collect nutrients. So relies on wherein they have been harvested, over there is a hazard to choose up bacteria and viruses. In this link it need to be detailed that by eating raw or undercooked clams and also oysters we have the right to put us at danger for together serious says as Paralytic, Neurotoxic, Diarrheic and also Amnesic shellfish poisonings, infections brought about by several strains of Vibrio bacteria, Norovirus.

According to the USA Centers for disease control and also prevention (CDC), in the unified States, Norovirus is the leading reason of median attended gastroenteritis in young children and also outbreaks of gastroenteritis; the is approximated to reason 19–21 million illnesses a year and approximately 50% of all food-borne disease outbreaks (1).

According to the CDC report, in the United says Vibiro parahaemolyticus is the reason of about 35000 domestically got food-borne infections annually, the most of i m sorry is connected with usage of raw or undercooked shellfish (2).

According come the examine (3) released in December 2013, pre-birth maternal shellfish intake at least once a month is associated with a greater risk the food allergy before age 2.


It follows logically indigenous what has been claimed that correct harvesting, cooking and storing that clams and oysters space crucial, otherwise we run the danger of serious health-threatening, also prior come death.

It have to be mentioned that both clam and also oyster have to be harvested by recording them alive. Clams and also oysters are both eaten in a selection of ways. Back calms deserve to be consumed raw or steam on a half shell, they are many often eaten as a component that a more complex dish. The most popular dishes comprise calms are new England clam chowder, linguine v clam sauce and Spanish paella. ~ above the various other hand, eating life oysters top top the aboriginal shell at numerous fine restaurants is a great enjoy because that gourmands. Despite this, oysters may be provided cooked, smoked or frozen, canned.

How to keep clam and oyster? here the important suggest is to save them alive again. The storing conditions of clam and oyster are similar. According to the Washington State department of health (4) both that them have to be save on computer in the frozen refrigerator in an open container come ensure them air circulation. They need to be spanned with damp towel to preserve humidity. The is not allowed to save them in a water to prevent of their fatality or spoiling. Shells need to be closed, if they are open and also don’t close ~ tapping, shellfish are dead and also we require to eliminate them. By this way clams deserve to be stored alive up because that to 7 days outside of the water, oysters up for 2-3 weeks. But it is very recommend eat them as shortly as possible. The cooked shellfish need to be maintained for approximately 2 day in the refrigerator and up come 3 months in the freezer.

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So, in conclusion, as you deserve to see from the charts listed below oyster is richer in mineral content, especially in Zinc and also Copper. In contrast, clam is the winner in terms of vitamins, particularly with vitamin of group B. Both food space widely consumed, moreover, oysters are offered in peals production. It is very important to select right locations to reap them to avoid fatal results. Besides, oysters and also clams can be sources of allergy and intoxication for human being with decreased immune system, especially for children and also pregnant women. Reap them and also don’t disregard the associated hazards.