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In human being diets, cheeses room an essential source that nutrients and also health-promoting compounds. Ricotta cheese and cottage cheese space white and shapeless cheeses. Ricotta cheese is a sort of cheese that has been traditionally make in Italy from whey i beg your pardon is uncovered in cheese make from sheep’s milk (1). In order to denature the whey proteins, the way was cook (1). The resulting coagulated protein was separated from the whey.

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because of the exceeding demand for ricotta cheese in some countries, the traditional technique of preparation has actually been altered. According to the process, ricotta is do from whey protein powders or milk/whey mix (1).

~ above the other hand, head cheese, also known together curd, is produced using pasteurized milk, i m sorry is injected v an energetic lactic starter in bespeak to increase the concentration that acid. Rennet is also added to speed up the coagulation procedure (2). This coagulated product is climate cubed and also will form the curds. It is later on washed through warm and also cold water (2).

Both ricotta and also cottage cheese space fresh cheeses and not age cheeses. Moreover, they both have virtually the same price. We will certainly compare and contrast the nutritional content, benefits, and health risks associated with the 2 kinds that cheese.


Ricotta cheese make from starter societies has a nutty flavor (3). On the various other hand, head cheese has a mild creamy flavor.


Check the end the accompanying infographics to compare and differentiate the nutritional contents of ricotta cheese and also cottage cheese. The mineral comparison score is a score the is assigned follow to the number of minerals by which one food or an additional is richer.

Ricotta cheese was assigned a score of 6 while cottage cheese was given a score of 2. This is because of the fact that ricotta cheese has much more iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. ~ above the various other hand, cottage cheese contains much more copper. Ricotta cheese contains 76.9% less sodium compared to cottage cheese. Both food items space equal in their potassium and phosphorus compositions.

The vitamin comparison score is indicative the the variety of vitamins by which one or one more food is richer. Ricotta cheese to be assigned a higher vitamin score that 6 contrasted to cottage cheese’s score of 4. More precisely, ricotta cheese is richer in vitamin A, vitamin E, and also vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin B2. Meanwhile, cottage cheese has a comparatively greater vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and also vitamin B12 content. Both foodstuffs have equal quantities of vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and also folate.


Ricotta cheese is roughly 1.78 times higher in calories compared to cottage cheese.


Cottage cheese is contempt higher in carbohydrates (3.38 g in 100 g) compared to head cheese (3.04 g in 100 g). Moreover, cottage cheese is approximately 9.88 times higher in sugars than ricotta cheese. Both foodstuffs contain 0 g of fiber.


Ricotta cheese is slightly higher in proteins (11.26 g in 100 g) contrasted to head cheese (11.12 g in 100 g).


Cottage cheese is higher in tryptophan, isoleucine, phenylalanine, and also valine. On the various other hand, ricotta cheese is richer in threonine, leucine, lysine, methionine, and histidine.


Both ricotta cheese and cottage cheese space equal and also low in glycemic index.


Ricotta cheese is 3 times higher in fat contrasted to head cheese. Moreover, 100 grams of ricotta cheese has 51 grams of cholesterol, if 100 grams of head cheese includes only 17 grams. Furthermore, ricotta cheese possesses about 4.84 times more saturated fat compared to cottage cheese. However, in contrast with head cheese, ricotta cheese has actually 3.13 time more polyunsaturated and 4.67 times an ext monounsaturated fats.


More than fifty percent the calories discovered in cottage cheese is added by its proteins. Researches have presented than spend protein-rich foodstuffs contributes to satiety (4, 5). Consuming satiating foods helps one avoid eat more than one’s body needs. Top top the various other and, ricotta cheese is around 2.5 times greater in calcium compared to head cheese. Studies imply that calcium may have actually an antiobesity effect (6). Meanwhile, a diet deficient in calcium has actually the opposite effect (7).

We’ll examine the relation between ricotta cheese and also cottage cheese and different diets.

Low-calorie diet: cottage cheese have actually lower calories, therefore they can be one’s go-to cheese contrasted to ricotta cheese if they room counting calories.

Low-fat diets: cottage cheese is reduced in fat and perfect for short fat diets.

Low-carb diets: Ricotta cheese is more suitable for low-carb diets as it contains less carbohydrates. Relocating on, both varieties of cheeses have actually equal glycemic table of contents which is short and an ideal for diabetics.

Keto diet: cottage cheese, similar to ricotta cheese, is rather high in carbohydrates and not that high in fats, so that is not a an extremely ideal choice in this case. Therefore, portion-watching is necessary when spend these 2 kinds that cheese when on the keto diet.

DASH diet: entails a low-fat and low-sodium regime. Ricotta cheese is lower in sodium and also but higher in fat contrasted to head cheese. So, low-fat and also low-sodium version of these cheeses room fine in middle amounts.

Atkin’s diet: In part phases that the Atkin’s diet, high fat low-carb dairy products is permissible. In this respect, ricotta cheese wins end cottage cheese.

Mediterranean diet: Low-fat ricotta and also cottage cheese space recommended for pendant of the Mediterranean diet.

Paleo diet: Dairy commodities are not consumed in the initial Paleo diet. However, the amendment Paleo diet allows the consumption of grass-fed ricotta or cottage cheese (full-fat version).

Anti-inflammatory diet: An anti-inflammatory diet requires limiting the usage of saturated fats and also incorporating healthy and balanced omega-3 fatty acids. In this case, head cheese is reasonably better. Moreover, grass-fed milk do from grass-fed cheese has a greater amount the omega-3 fatty acids. So, grass-fed cottage cheese is recommended (8).


Both cottage cheese and also ricotta cheese contain vital proteins that pat a duty in muscle building. A study has shown that boosted dairy product entry and higher consumption of protein resulted in higher lean fixed gain as soon as coupled with exercise in ladies (9). Casein and also whey are proteins usually found in cheese. Casein is recognized as a “slow protein” if whey is known as a “fast protein”. This is concerned the speed of relax of amino acids right into the gut (10).

Cottage cheese is a protein-rich food the is reputable amongst athletes. It is specifically rich in the protein casein. Casein is consumed before sleep to enable the relax of amino acids throughout the night and prevention of muscle loss (11).

On the various other hand, ricotta cheese is well-off in whey proteins. A study proved that whey protein was much better at inducing the gradual growth that postprandial muscle protein contrasted to casein in older men (12).

Moreover, a study proved that the addition of ricotta cheese right into one’s diet results in an development in appendicular bones muscle mass and also a decrease in the loss of muscle strength (13).

Also, a study concluded that whey induced higher muscle protein synthesis than casein. This study also mentioned that this distinction may be due to the truth that whey is a “fast protein” (14).

Health Impact

Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Health

A metanalysis the 15 prospective research studies concluded the there is an association in between the input of cheese and a diminish in the risk the cardiovascular disease. (15 )

Both kinds of cheese save equal amounts of potassium. Potassium is known to to decrease high blood pressure. Ricotta cheese is higher in calcium contrasted to head cheese. Calcium is known for the blood pressure regulating activities. In short, ricotta and also cottage cheeses’ materials may carry out cardioprotective benefits.


Both ricotta cheese and cottage cheese are low glycemic index foods and also will not reason a spike in blood street levels.

Ricotta cheese is much greater in calcium 보다 cottage cheese. Calcium dram a role in the prevention of insulin resistance syndrome (16). High insulin resistance leader to prediabetes. A study showed that boosting the usage of protein (with cottage cheese as among the protein sources) decreases hyperglycemia in form two diabetic patient (17).

Therefore, both type of cheese and their link may help prevent type two diabetes or prediabetes.


Ricotta cheese is higher in selenium i m sorry is an antioxidant. Antioxidants safeguard cells indigenous free-radical damage which may bring about cancer.

The Bill Henderson protocol is a diet rich in fruit vegetables and cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture as an approach to treat cancer. There has been varying yet uncertain evidence about its effectiveness. (18).

Downsides and also Risks

Cardiovascular Health

Cottage cheese is much higher in sodium 보다 ricotta cheese. Caution must be taken when high quantities are consumed. Over there is a link between high salt consumption and increased blood pressure which is just one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease (19). The fats existing in head cheese and ricotta cheese are dairy fat that space not associated with heart disease (20).


A study suggested that increased intake of calcium and dairy may result in an boosted risk of prostate cancer (21).


Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese may contain traces of lactose. This may be dangerous because that lactose intolerant individuals. Moreover, civilization who are allergic to milk proteins uncovered in milk and also milk-derived products should be careful as well and consult their allergist (22).


Both ricotta cheese and cottage cheese space high in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Ricotta is higher in calcium, zinc fats and also cholesterol, while cottage is higher in sugars and sodium. Several of this is led to by the reality that cottage cheese has actually slightly higher water content.

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Caution need to be taken v the high salt content of this cheeses and also in the case of allergies. Incorporating them into one’s diet is based upon a game of moderation.