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thamin, Thammuz, than, thana, thanage, thanato-, thanatobiologic, thanatognomonic, thanatoid, thanatology, thanatophobia

Thanato- is a combining type used like a prefix definition “death.” it is used in some technical terms, consisting of in psychiatry.

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Thanato- comes from the Greek thánatos, an interpretation “death.” In Greek mythology, Thanatos to be the personification the death. Comparable in an interpretation and use to thanato- is the an ext common combining kind necro-, indigenous the Greek nekrós, “dead person, corpse.”

The name Thanos, as significantly borne by the powerful Marvel Comics supervillain, is indigenous the Greek Athanasios, which is carefully related to thánatos and definition “without death” (see a-, “not, without”). The supervillain Thanos has, effectively, powers of immortality.

Examples of thanato-

One instance of a term native psychology that features the combining form thanato- is thanatophobia, “an irrational or disproportionate are afraid of death, particularly one’s own.”

The an initial part that the word, thanato-, means “death.” The second part of words may likewise look familiar. The type -phobia means “fear,” native the Greek phóbos. Thanatophobia literally translates to “fear of death”—a rarely word because that a usual condition!

What room some words that use or are related to the combining type thanato- or thanat-?

What room some other develops that thanato- might be commonly confused with?

Thanato- is a fairly obscure combine form, and it can surprise you the English also has a “death prefix” favor thanato- in the very first place. While you might not have actually much chance to usage it, thanato- provides a good opportunity to exercise decoding indigenous by putting your expertise of Greek root to work.

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So, here’s another example:

The combining type -cracy method “rule, government,” as in democracy or plutocracy. That ultimately comes from the Greek krátos, “rule, strength.” What, then, walk thanatocracy literally mean?

That’s right, “government by death.” The hatchet is periodically used to refer to a government nominally headed by a deceased person, and has all been used to federal government policies believed to promote the death of its own subjects. Thanatocracy is also sometimes provided to refer to cultures in i beg your pardon rituals bordering death and dead people are prominent.