Q: What is the greatest score achievable in Microsoft Solitaire, utilizing 3-card draw and also standard scoring?

A: The highest possible score is 24113, consisting of bonus points because that time.

Q: What is the higest score there is no bonus points?

A: 745.

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Download Pretty an excellent Solitaire because that Windows: play hundreds of solitaire gamings on home windows XP, windows 7, and Windows 10 including the standard solitaire game (called Klondike).

So, if you might please answer, what is the highest possible score in home windows Solitaire, typical scoring, one card draw, nontimed? Thanks!

Thank you, T. Warfield, but what that says above is the 745 is the highest feasible score using 3 card draw, conventional scoring, untimed. Ns asked around ONE map draw, typical scoring, untimed. There might be a difference. Highest possible I've to be able to get - number of times - is 715.

Anyone know the answer? Definitively? Thanks.


.ve reached 740. Pulling down before putting up on aces appears to perform it. How long did it take it to get to 745. Ns am new to computers.

A high score of 24113?! would that be completing it in 1 2nd or less?

The best I've done is 5497 in 145 seconds (draw 3, scoring, timed).

I think I can improve on that though.

Anyone else?

I've in reality pulled turn off 6518 in 117 seconds, drawing one card, timed and with score. Ns can't imagine anyone finishing the video game in less that 60 secs though...


Nice job. I've because bested mine old score in attract 3/Scoring/Timed: 6296 in 125 seconds. In at the very least 500 gamings over the past few weeks I've bettered 5000 a dozen times and 4000 a couple score.

I prefer the timed games due to the fact that it add to a totality extra dimension of psychological agility and hand-eye coordination and also I favor attract 3 for the added strategy--it's not always beneficial to engage every playable card from the attract pile, for example. And also let's challenge it, the game is already mindless enough.

Everyone: see how well you deserve to do and post your ideal score and time here, whatever they are, in attract 3/Scoring/Timed.

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======RULES (The will is to completely level the playing field):-1. Clear no 'cheating' such as using the alt-shift-ctrl handicap: http://www.eeggs.com/items/477.html-2. Have actually no other processes to run or pages loading or files downloading/uploading or anything that can slow your clock even slightly: http://www.mazes.com/solitaire/best24004.html-3. You may run v the deck as plenty of times as you like-4. You may use the drown (to go ago 1 play, which is all mine will certainly allow) any variety of times-5. You might of course traction cards from any of the final four stacks earlier down to the column stacks to re-engage them in beat if required (there's a little penalty to carry out this)

======Tips (I'm no expert, no one am i a retiree, i just have some discretionary time at the moment, but these room my monitorings over the past couple of weeks):-1. Pat fast.-2. In sending a map from the attract to the any of the last four stacks, you get an extra five points by happen the card down to a columnar stack very first if playable, however* the moment you shed by making a 'stop-over,' perhaps almost a second, outcomes in a greater deduction in bonus points, maybe 100, than the clues you acquire from the stop-over. I recommend playing the card straight from the attract to the last four, if applicable. No columnar stop-over.-3. Pat fast.-4. Don't issue about tiny penalities such as the those linked with the cancel or running with the deck second time or pass a card back into play native the final-four stacks: those penalty are far smaller 보다 the extra clues you acquire from finishing, fast. Know though the in making use of the drown or running through the deck second time, you're losing time and therefore large points.-5. Beat fast.-6. Because you can run through the deck any number of times, it's not always advantageous come play every map you can: ~ above every draw, two cards space skipped, and ideally you desire to accessibility all the cards. By play one map at the height of the deck, ~ above the following run-through, your attract cards are now staggered by one and--assuming you've make no various other plays ~ above the previous run--you're presented all brand-new cards. So for example, if you're presented 2 cards at the height of the deck, both playable, and also then presented a 3rd which is playable (assuming you've no other plays v the remainder), then on the next run-through, the cards you're presented (and your stagger) will certainly be the same. For this reason you might want come skip the third. Of food you operation the threat of having that card extended on the next go-round and permanently. Another senario could be a playable map at the height (first draw) which friend may pick to skip, discovering that girlfriend will certainly be presented with it on the following go-round (as it's the first draw of three), thereby producing a delay stagger top top the next run-through. The course, you shed time and also points by law this though. It's these decisions and also strategy which makes draw 3 far much more interesting than attract 1 in my mind--this de-emphasizes the lucky element and emphasizes her decision-making and memory skills a notch family member to draw 1 (even better if you have the right to memorize all the cards together you whiz v them the first time).-7. Pat fast.-8. As currently mentioned, I've noticed there's a solid correlation between finish time and also final points and also a reasonably non-existent one in between penalty points/extra clues (for playing to the column before the last stack, for example) and also final points. The is, if you finish in 117 secs as C.M. Did, your score will certainly be close to his/her 6518 v a deviation of perhaps as countless as 50 points, regardless of how numerous extra point out or punish points you've accumulated. So:-9. Beat fast.-10. Shot playing every game: don't struggle the deal switch until you obtain a good hand. You'd it is in surprised at the absence of correlation in between a possible (fast) finish and what shows up to it is in a favorable deal. More often than no on presentation with a number of aces at the beginning or also cards which play onto each various other even prior to the very first draw, I finish up no finishing. A good quick video game will build evenly* between playable cards from the attract stack and also exposing cards under the columnar stacks--with of food an even accumulation in the final-four stacks.-11. Beat fast.-12. Try to shuffle cards roughly (for example shifting the 3 that diamonds on the 4 of clubs to an exposed 4 the spades--to relieve and also play the 4 of clubs and possibly reveal cards underneath it). By law so, if you room down come the last couple unexposed cards, you have the right to run a couple suits right up through the royals and onto the last stacks to reveal a low map of a 4th suit i beg your pardon is hold up her progress.-13. Beat fast.-14. One other minor reminder is that I've played on a small 12\" notebook (with a poor mouse) and also a large 19\" monitor and I it seems to be ~ to execute much much better on the bigger screen. Though I've to sling the map a bit further on the large screen, i seem come miss much fewer plays.