We’ve all heard around Minnesota and its 10,000 lakes, but did you recognize that Indiana is a lake lover’s paradise?In fact, it’s practically impossible to get an exact count, as several of these “lakes” room actually man-made reservoirs.Indiana’s lakes sell stunning views and clear waters, perfect because that water-based activities or also just basking in the sun.In this article, let’s look in ~ the finest lakes in Indiana come visit.

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The finest Lakes In Indiana

1. Patoka Lake

Known as: The second-largest reservoir in Indiana; the “Jewel of southerly Indiana”Patoka Lake to be initially built as a reservoir to carry out a water supply as well as to control floods.
Photo Credit: LouisvilleUSACENowadays, it is populated by a wide selection of migrating birds, fish, and other wildlife. Its distinct ecology way you may find jellyfish in the new water, or bald eagles follow me the shoreline.Fishing for sunfish, bluegill, stripe bass, and walleye is a popular activity, together with swimming and camping ~ above the assorted campgrounds.Boating is popular here; rent boats at Hoosier Hills Marina, Patoka Lake Marina, or Gilligan’s Boats.Essential InformationAddress: 3084 N Dillard Road, Birdseye, INBest for: FishingOther Activities: Swimming, waterskiing, boating, picnicking, hiking, biking, wildlife-watching, birdwatching, campingBeaches nearby: State Park BeachNearby services and amenities: launch ramps, picnic areas, marinas, general stores, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, archery rangeWhere to stay: Campgrounds, cabins, houseboats, resortsNearby areas of interest: Hoosier nationwide ForestMore information: Patoka Lake, Indiana, Indiana room of herbal Resources: Patoka Lake

2. Clear Lake

Known as: The clearest lake in IndianaClear Lake is one 800-acre natural lake that was developed in a depression gouged by the critical glacier to cover the region.The waters that the resulting lake space so clear that you have the right to see every the means to the bottom the the lake and also see critters like turtles and also bottom-feeding carp.The lake is filled with yellow perch, bluegill, walleye, and also rainbow trout the you can fish and cook.There is a windy beach access point, and also a private access via the clear Lake Resort.Rent a boat and venture out to the Kasota Island Nature Preserve. Camping is allowed by permit only, but it is open up from dawn to dusk therefore you deserve to make a job trip and explore this area.Essential InformationAddress: 111 Gecowets Drive, Fremont, IN | 260-495-9158Best for: Rowboating, fishingOther Activities: Swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, sail boating, paddleboarding, sunbathing, bikingBeaches nearby: clear Lake windy BeachNearby services and amenities: Marina, yacht club, resort, to ride bicycle shop, fire pitsWhere to stay: Resorts, campgrounds, cabinsNearby locations of interest: Kasota Island Nature Preserve, Cedar Lake marsh Conservation AreaMore information: clean Lake, Indiana, city of clear Lake

3. Barbee Lake

Known as: A chain of seven interconnecting lakesBarbee Lake was developed by melt glaciers during the Pleistocene era and is actually made of seven lakes: Banning Lake, huge Barbee Lake, small Barbee Lake, irish Lake, Kuhn Lake, Sechrist Lake, and also Sawmill Lake.All the lakes have actually bluegill, largemouth bass, yellow perch, channel catfish, muskie, and black crappie, and also thus Barbee Lake is a favourite fishing destination.Big Barbee Lake, in particular, is popular with the speedboating crowd, together it’s the only one amongst the 7 that doesn’t have a rate limit on boats.The famous Barbee Hotel is stated to have actually hosted the likes of Al Capone and Clark Gable.Essential InformationAddress: Tippecanoe Township, INBest for: Boating, fishingOther Activities: Swimming, biking, hiking, campingBeaches nearby: Barbee Lakes public Access, Kuhn Lake publicly AccessNearby services and amenities: boat launch, marina, golf course, fishing supply store, restaurants, basic storeWhere to stay: Rental houses, campgrounds, hotel, resorts, cabinsMore information: Barbee Lakes residential or commercial property Owners

4. Tippecanoe Lake

Known as: The deepest natural lake in IndianaAround 5 minutes away from Barbee Lake, Tippecanoe Lake, affectionately called Lake Tippy by the locals, was created by the exact same glacier the made the Barbee Lake chain.If you’re right into fishing, you’re in for a treat: there room over 25 species of fish in ~ this lake. Bluegill, yellow perch, black color crappie, and largemouth base are renowned species.The occupants are passionate around preserving the lake and its surroundings, and the results are apparent in the beauty beauty of the place.Essential InformationAddress: Leesburg, Kosciuko County, INBest for: Fishing, scuba divingOther Activities: Swimming, boating, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, jet skiing, campingPublic access: Grassy Creek publicly AccessNearby services and amenities: Marinas, launch ramps, nation club, golf course, restaurants, general stores, barsWhere come stay: Resorts, rental houses, campgrounds, cabins, innNearby places of interest: Potawatomi Park, Edmund & Virginia Bell Nature Preserve, Kalorama Park

5. Lake Wawasee

Known as: The largest natural lake in Indiana; the “Jewel the Kosciusko County”Lake Wawasee to be originally dubbed Turkey Lake and also was renamed after the former Miami chief Wawasee.Spanning 3,400 acres and also with 25 miles of coast with many of bays, Lake Wawasee is the largest herbal lake in the state.It’s more than likely the many commercialized lake in this list, through 90% of the coastline developed and having over 1,000 residential and also commercial establishments.Essential InformationAddress: Turkey Creek Township, Kosciusko County, INBest for: SailingOther Activities: Swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, jet skiingBeaches nearby: Lake Wawasee windy AccessNearby services and amenities: Marinas, fishing pier, yacht society golf courses, fishing supply stores, restaurants, coffee shops, general stores, churches, gas stations, ATMsWhere to stay: Resorts, bed and breakfasts, rental houses, hotels, condosNearby places of interest: Morrison’s Island, Ogden IslandMore information: Wawascene.com

6. Lake James

Known as: one of the lakes in Indiana through the ideal water quality; largest lake in Steuben County
Photo Credit: kris LightLake James is top top the northeast edge of Indiana and is the 4th largest natural lake in the state.This lake is famous as a swimming and also waterski lake, and it has a sandbar in one container that’s popular for weekend party-goers and also tourists.You can likewise fish because that largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and also yellow perch in the waters.Essential InformationAddress: Angola, Steuben County, INBest for: Swimming, fishingOther Activities: Boating, water skiing, jet skiing, waterboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, sunbathing, picnicking, camping, hiking, horseback ridingBeaches nearby: Potawatomi Inn Beach, publicly Beach and also Playground, Bledsoe’s BeachNearby services and amenities: Marina, watercraft houses, yacht club, fishing stores, start ramps, long walking trails, restaurants, bait & tackle shopsWhere to stay: Campgrounds, inns, rental homes, resortsNearby places of interest: Pokagon State ParkMore information: Lake James Association

7. Lake Michigan

Known as: residence of the Indiana Dunes State ParkLake Michigan is just one of the 5 an excellent Lakes, emotional 4 U.S. States, specific Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and also Michigan.It may be a bit of a stretch including Lake Michigan in this list, however its southern reminder does lie in Indiana, and much more importantly, the Indiana Dunes State Park lies on its shoreline.
The Indiana Dunes State Park features sand dunes, as well as wetlands, prairie, river, and forest ecosystems.The Dunes cover 15 mile of shoreline, v a half-mile swimming beach and also 2.5 mile of nature preserve.These sands along Lake Michigan are known as the to sing sands since of the sound lock make when you go barefoot on them.Hike follow me the trails in the state park and enjoy spectacular see of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline.Sailing and power boating are popular on Lake Michigan. There space no marinas, boat rentals or watercraft launches in ~ the national park, however there space services obtainable in the surrounding counties.Essential InformationAddress: Indiana Dunes State Park | 1215 N State roadway 49 Porter, In | 219-926-2255Best for: Boating (except motorized boats), fishing, hikingOther Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, biking, camping, picnicking, birdwatching, wildlife watchingBeaches nearby: Indiana Dunes State Park, Michiana Shores, long Beach, Washington Park Beach, Beverly Shores, West BeachNearby services and amenities: nation clubs, long walking trails, restaurants, bars and nightlife, gas stations, ATMs, basic stores, churchesWhere to stay: Bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds, cabins, cottages, rental homesNearby areas of interest: Pottawattamie ParkMore information: Indiana Dunes State Park

8. Brookville Lake

Known as: one of the cleanest, quietest, and also prettiest lakes in IndianaBrookville Lake started out together a reservoir because that flood control and also stormwater management. Nowadays, it’s component of the Brookville Lake-Whitewater Memorial State Park Complex.It boasts of an ext than 11,000 acres of herbal habitats for plants and also wildlife, and also plenty of recreational opportunities, thanks to two state recreation areas. In fact, this lake is so well-known that it boasts 2 million travellers annually.Fishing is a popular activity here, particularly for walleye, i beg your pardon grows big in this lake. In fact, fisheries biologist harvest walleye egg from female walleyes in this lake to flourish into fry and also supply other lakes in Indiana.Other varieties of fish that are abundant below are bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, trout, and white bass.Essential InformationAddress: Brookville, Franklin County, INBest for: Boating, walleye fishingOther Activities: Swimming, paddle boating, water skiing, canoeing, hiking, picnicking, camping, huntingBeaches nearby: Brookville Lake Beach, Whitewater Memorial State Park, mounds State Recreation Area, Quakertown State Recreation AreaNearby services and amenities: Marinas, watercraft launches, archery range, shooting range, long trails, restaurants, grocery store storesWhere come stay: Campgrounds, cabins, resortsNearby locations of interest: Whitewater Memorial State ParkMore information: Brookville Lake

9. Lake Maxinkuckee

Known as: Indiana’s second-largest natural lakeLake Maxinkuckee is located southeast that the town of Culver, where the very first inhabitants were Mound Builders, most most likely the Potawatomi.Its name comes from the Potawatomi native Mog-sin-ke-ki, which method “big rock country.”Today, that a to chat lake where walleye fishing is a famous activity. Other fish you deserve to expect to find include bluegill, catfish, and bass.Essential InformationAddress: Union Township, Marshall County, INBest for: Walleye fishingOther Activities: Scuba diving, boating, swimming, sunbathing, cyclingBeaches nearby: Culver and Union Township ParkNearby services and also amenities: Marinas, watercraft launches, golf course, country club, coffee shops, restaurants, bar & grills, general stores, churches, ATMsWhere come stay: Rental houses, campgrounds, inns, condos, hotels, bed and breakfastsNearby places of interest: Culver AcademiesMore information: Lake Maxinkuckee

10. Lake Lemon

Known as: one of the most underrated lakes in Indiana; seventh-largest windy reservoirLake Lemon to be initially built as a water resource for Bloomington.Nowadays, the is both a private and a publicly lake, with component of it gift owned through homeowners and the remainder being maintained by the Riddle suggest Park.The lake serves together a habitat come a range of fish and wildlife. The largemouth base is a well-known fish, and other fish that deserve to be uncovered here encompass crappie, bluegill, and flathead catfish.Wildlife about the lake encompass beavers, muskrat, heron, and even bald eagles.Essential InformationAddress: Unionville, INBest for: Boating, fishing because that largemouth bassOther Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, sailing, rowing, water skiing, wildlife watching, picnickingBeaches nearby: Riddle point ParkNearby services and amenities: Marinas, boat launch, yacht club, picnic areas, hiking trails, boat supply shops, restaurantsWhere come stay: Campgrounds, resorts, rental homes, innsNearby areas of interest: Indiana university Aquatic Center, tiny Africa Wildlife viewing Area, Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Yellowwood national ForestMore information: Lake Lemon Conservancy District

Which lake in Indiana are you going to visit first?

As i have mentioned, there room many much more lakes in Indiana, yet hopefully, our list proves to be a good start and also a huge help because that planning your following lake getaway.

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Other areas to visit in Indiana

If you’re acquisition a expedition to Indiana to holidays in among these scenic lakes, examine out our perform of the ideal things to carry out in Indiana.Have you to be to any other lake in Indiana? just how was the experience? Or if you haven’t, which among these people I’ve listed are friend planning come visit first? re-superstructure it v us in the comments!