Definition and explanation

Margin of safety and security (MOS) is the difference in between actual sales and break also sales. In other words, every sales revenue the a company collects end and over its break-even point represents the margin that safety. Because that example, if actual sales because that the month the January 2020 space $250,000 and also the break-even sales space $150,000, the difference of $100,000 is the margin that safety. Consider the adhering to exhibition:


Margin of safety is the part of sales revenue that generates profit for the business since the sales volume completed up to break-even point can simply cover the costs and also does no bring any type of profit. That is an important figure for any type of business due to the fact that it speak management how much palliation in revenue will result in break-even. A higher MOS to reduce the threat of business losses. Generally, the higher the margin that safety, the much better it is.

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The formula or equation that MOS is offered below:

Margin of safety = yes, really or budgeted sales – Sales forced to break-even

Margin of security is alsoexpressed in the kind of proportion or percent that is calculated by making use of the following formulas/equations:

MOS proportion = MOS/Actual or budgeted sales

MOS percent = (MOS/Actual or budgeted sales) ×100

A D V E R T i S E M E N T

Example 1

The Noor enterprises, a single product company, gives you the following data for the Month that June 2015.

Sales (3,500 units
$20/unit):$70,000Total fixed prices for the month:$15,000

There was no opening and closing finished items inventory in stock.

Required: calculate break even allude and margin of safety for Noor enterprise using over data. Additionally draw a CVP graph and also show the sales volume representing break-even allude and margin of safety on the graph.


1. Break even allude

Break-even point in units:

Fixed cost/Contribution margin every unit= $15,000/$12= 1,250 units

Break even point in dollars:

Break even point in devices × marketing price every unit= 1,250 units× $20 = $25,000

2. Margin the safety

Margin of security in dollars:

Actual sales – Break-even sales= $70,000 – $25,000= $45,000

The margin of safety and security of Noor enterprises is $45,000 for the moth that June. It method if $45,000 in sales revenue is lost, the profit will be zero and every dollar lost in enhancement to $45,000 will add towards loss.

Margin of security in percentage:

The MOS the Noor Enterprises have the right to be computed in percentage kind by dividing the MOS in dollars by the really sales in dollars together follows:

= $45,000/$70,000= 0.6429or= 64.29%

Margin of safety and security in units:

The Margin of security of a solitary product company like Noor enterprises can likewise be expressed in regards to units. The is done by dividing the MOS in dollars by the sales price per unit. The MOS of Noor companies in terms of units is 2,250 as computed below:

= $45,000/$20= 2,250 units

3. Graphical presentation of break-even suggest and margin the safety

In CVP graph presented above, red period represents rest even suggest at a sales volume of 1,250 units or $25,000. The blue dot represents the total sales volume of 3,500 systems or $70,000. The margin that safety has actually been display as the difference in between total sales volume and also the sales volume forced to break even. It has actually been displayed both in regards to dollars and units.

The margin that safety deserve to be computed for a month, a quarter or full year. However, wherein sales room subject to a far-reaching seasonal variation, monthly or quarterly computations perform not do sense. In such situations, it is vital to use yearly data for computing margin that safety.

If margin of safety and also one the the various other two equation aspects are known, we can easily compute the third element. Consider the instances 3 and 4.

Example 3 – computation of yes, really sales as soon as break-even sales and also margin of safety are given

The rest even point of finest Inc. Is $65,000 because that the an initial quarter of the year 2016. If margin of safety is $45,000, calculate the actual sales because that the first quarter.


Margin of security = yes, really sales – Break-even sales$45,000 = really sales – $65,000Actual sales = $45,000 + $65,000Actual sales = $110,000

Example 4 – computation the break-even sales when actual sales and margin of safety and security are given

The fine Distributors is a trade firm. It gives you the complying with data:

Actual sales: $75,000Margin of safety: $15,000

Calculate break-even sales of well Distributors.


Margin of safety = yes, really sales – Break-even sales$15,000 =$75,000 – Break-even salesBreak-even sales = $75,000 – $15,000Break-even sales = $60,000


Kumar Hathiramani and Pak Melwani opened up a soup restaurant named Soup Nutsy in Canada. Currently, Soup Nutsy has a variety of successful branches in numerous cities v a range of delicious soups, amazing high quality and good customer service. Soup Nutsy uses online and in-house ordering and serves countless customers each month.

Hathiramani and also Melwani, the owners, report the adhering to data that restaurant’s an initial branch because that the an initial year of operation:

Annual sales revenue: $900,000Net income: $210,000Price charged every serving: $6Cost per serving: $2

From above information, we can determine Soup Nutsy’s margin of security in 3 steps. In an initial step, we would compute restaurant’s annual variable and also fixed expenses; in second step, we would certainly compute the break even point, and in 3rd step, we would compute the margin of safety and security in dollars and in percent form.

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Step 1: Computation of variable and also fixed expenses

The Soup Nutsy’s variable expenses per serving are $2 and price every serving is $6. The variable costs to sales ratio is, therefore, 2/6 or 1/3. Follow to this relationship, the complete variable expenses should it is in $300,000 (= $900,000 × 1/3).

The annual fixed expenses can be computed by using the equation technique as follows:

Sales = Variable prices + Fixed prices + profit$900,000 = $300,000 + Fixed costs + $210,000$900,000 = 300,000 + Fixed prices + $210,000Fixed costs = $900,000 – $300,000 – $210,000Fixed costs = $390,000

Step 2: Computation that break even point

Since us have uncovered the fixed expenses figure, the rest even suggest Soup Nutsy in dollars and also units have the right to be identified as follows:

Break even allude in units = fixed expenses/Unit donation margin= $390,000/$4*= 97,500 units

*Unit contribution margin:= every unit selling price – per unit change expenses= $6 – $2= $4

Break even allude in dollars = rest even suggest in systems × offering price per unit= 97,500 × $6= $585,000

Step 3: Computation of margin that safety

Margin of security (MOS) in dollars = $900,000 – 585,000= $315,000