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‘To neglect such an evident flowering that talent and accomplishment is not just crass stupidity but a wasted opportunity.’‘By setting such a catch or permitting an employee to carry out so ~ above a river where otters are breeding is crass stupidity.’‘Over the following decade, the crass stupidity that the words must have haunted them.’‘Some the the songs were right from the height of the genius pile, while rather were simply crass, crude and downright stupid.’‘It is very often cheesy and crass, and also is completely pretentious from begin to finish!’‘There"s naught wrong v a healthy and balanced spirit of crass commercialism, or also a whiff of naked greed these days, is there?’‘What i am saying is no one, absolutely no one, should have to put up v crass disrespect.’‘Not only he is the a crass bigot, and also therefore worthy the shooting, however absolutely illogical.’‘Communal forces grow on the crass ignorance of the masses concerning the essentials of your faith.’‘I expect this doesn"t show up crass, yet it ideas at the desperation of the survivors that us can aid by sending out rice to that region.’‘It"s crass, sadistic and appeals come the an extremely worst in human nature.’‘It"s simply a maelstrom that shrieking children, crass commercialism, and ratcheting credit transaction card debt.’‘It appears staggeringly crass and inappropriate, but I understand his have to record this terrible scene.’‘For them, the West to be crass, materialistic and, the course, ethically rotten.’‘Yet ns am no advocating a crass rationalism in i beg your pardon reverence, empathy and love have no place.’‘As a result, the following generation was to have tendency towards political quietism and, worst the all, a crass materialism.’‘To state baldly that it"s purely between the woman and also her doctor is crass and simplistic at the really least.’‘It to be a mindless and also moronic action of politics naivete and also crass immaturity.’‘In location of significant musical evaluation we gained crass superficiality.’