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You need three things in stimulate to make a complete circuit:

a conductor (e.g. Wire) a power source (e.g. Wall outlet or battery) a resistor (e.g. Light pear or motor).

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The conductor operation a circular path from the strength source, with the resistor, and ago to the power source. The power resource moves the existing electron in the conductor roughly the circuit. This is dubbed a current. Electrons relocate through a cable from the negative end to the hopeful end. The resistor uses the power of the electrons approximately the wire and also slows under the circulation of electrons.

A battery is one method to generate electric current. Within the battery, chemical reactions take place. One reaction (at the an adverse end that the battery) creates loose electrons; the various other (at the confident end) uses them up. Come recharge the battery, the chemistry reactions must be reversed to move the electron in opposing direction.

In this activity:

students space the electronsenergy detailed by the battery is represented by smarties. Existing is the quantity of fee (electrons) moving in the circuit per unit time, measure up in amperes.

In stimulate to increase the electric current, we have to speed increase the movement of electrons; we do this in the version by including extra power in the kind of extra smarties.

Students will certainly feel warmer together they rate up, i beg your pardon mimics what takes ar along a cable in a real circuit. This physics reaction deserve to be supplied to develop in a safety function in a circuit: if over there is a sudden surge that charge and also the cable heats up to a particular temperature, a wire could melt, stopping the current. This is basically exactly how a fuse works.

A fuse uses a metal wire that melts at a details temperature, matching to the pre-determined limit for the circuit.

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The difficulty with fuses is that they can only be provided once. When the metal within it has actually melted, it has to be replaced.

Most new homes use circuit breakers to carry out a safety system to an electric circuit. The excess heat will either bend a piece of metal or activate an electromagnet that physically opens up the circuit so the no an ext current can acquire through. To revolve the current ago on, a human goes come the circuit breaker box and also flips the switch back to its initial position, closeup of the door the circuit and enabling current to flow.