Origin that the name Jessica:

Of uncertain derivation and meaning, Jessica can be an elaboration the Jessie, i beg your pardon was initially a pet kind of Janet and Jean. Alternatively, it can be taken as an elaborated feminine type of Jesse, i beg your pardon is acquired from the Hebrew yīshai (gift).

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From A civilization of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

US popular of Jessica over Time


Alyssa Carissa Cassidy Chelsea Christopher Danica Derek Dominic Eric Erica Jordan Joshua Karissa Krista Kristen Mackenzie Melissa Nicholas Nicole Rebecca Samantha Spencer Stephanie Vanessa Veronica
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Jay/J, Jessie/Jessy, Jess, Jessi

Meanings and history of the name Jessica

Jessica is a name of Hebrew origin definition \"gift”, “God beholds”. The surname was very first used in this kind by Shakespeare in his beat \"The merchant of Venice\" (1596), where it belongs to the daughter the Shylock. Shakespeare more than likely based that on the biblical name ISCAH which would have actually been assignment Jesca in his time. Popular in the late 1800s, it returned to popularity in the so late 1960s.

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From the Hebrew \"Yiskah\" meaning “foresight”, or gift able to view the potential in the future.

Famous real-life human being named Jessica

Jessica Abel, American comic publication writer and artistJessica Alba, American actressJessica Biel, American actressJessica Capshaw, American actressJessica Chastain, American actressJessica Cornish (Jessie J), brothers singerJessica Fodera, American rock singer-songwriterJessica Marais, Australian actressJessica Hart, Australian modelJessica Harp, American country singer-songwriter and guitaristJessica Jung, south Korean-American main vocalist that South korean pop girl group Girls\" GenerationJessica Lange, American actressJessica Origliasso, Australian musician, member of The VeronicasJessica Steen, Canadian Film and tv Actress, finest known because that her role as “Lisa Stillman in Heartland”Jessica Savitch, American TV journalistJessica Simpson, American pop singer and actressJessica Stroup, American actress and also modelJessica Sutta, dancer/singer that Pussycat DollsJessica Tandy, American actressJessica Tyler, a Canadian actress, singer and songwriterJessica jane Willis \"Jess\", American singer, songwriter, dancer and also musician

Jessica in song, story & screen

\"Who\"s that girl? Who\"s that girl? It\"s Jess!\" - new Girl (TV show)

\"Jessica\", song by Graham Colton Band\"Jessica\", tune by the Allman Brothers\"Jessica\", tune by Dir en Grey\"Jessica\", track by beam Dylan (Afrikaans singer, southern African)

\"Asking Jessica to it is in Official\", song by hellogoodbye

\"We do You\" tune By EminemJessica Lovejoy, personality on \"The Simpsons\"

Mambo No. 5 - Jessica stated in lyrics!!!\"A little bit the Jessica right here I amA little bit that you provides me your man…\"

Jessica of the 1971 cult horror film Let\"s scare Jessica come Death, depicted by actress Zohra Lampert

Jessica Albert, from the Dragon quest VIII video clip game

Jessica \"Jess\" Day, character on \"New Girl\"

Jessica Drew, the initial Spider Woman

Jessica Jones, indigenous the Marvel Comics series Alias

Jessica Rabbit, from who Framed i get it Rabbit

Jessica \"Jessi\" Ramsey indigenous The Baby-Sitters Club publication series

Jessica \"Jessie\" Spano from the television collection Saved by the BellJessica Wakefield from the Sweet Valley publication series

Jessica Sherawat is among the main personalities in Resident angry Revelations game.Jessica Dilaurentis TV series Pretty tiny LiarsJessica Stanley, indigenous the Twilight sagaJessica Riley is a key character in the video game \"Until Dawn\"Jessica Vale, Preview indigenous the X-Men comics