The springbok beginning its name from the pronking action (jumping display) that is common of this antelope. Both male and female springboks have actually horns, but generally, the rams room thicker and rougher. The springbok is uncovered naturally in the complimentary State, phibìc West Provinces, in the Karoo and also along the West lifwynnfoundation.orgast of south Africa.

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It has adapted to live in dry, barren areas as well as on open up grass plains. Lock graze and also browse and also can go without water, as they obtain their moisture from the succulent pipeline that they eat. Wherein there is water available, however, the springbok will take a drink.

Springbok are herd pets that move in little groups throughout the winter months and aggregate into larger herds throughout the summer months. They each other throughout the year, and also lambs room born after ~ a 6-month gestation period. Elevation 75 centimeter weight 40 kg.

National Bird


Blue Crane - Anthropoides paradisia

The elegant blue crane is virtually only discovered in southern Africa. That is a light-blue grey lifwynnfoundation.orglour, v a lengthy neck ending in a spherical-like head. It has actually long legs and also elegant wings which sweep down come the ground. Blue cranes feeding on insects, reptiles and seeds. They lay their eggs top top the bare ground, close to water.

Their habitat is open up grasslands and also Karoo-like plains. Blue cranes room lifwynnfoundation.orgmmonly uncovered in the Karoo, KwaZulu Natal and also the Highveld. They are frequently seen in pairs or small groups. Blue cranes stand around one metre tall are frequently silent yet have a distinctive rattling croak and high pitched call, which deserve to be heard from quite a method away.

National Fish


Galjoen - lifwynnfoundation.orgracinus capensis

The galjoen is endemic to south Africa's lifwynnfoundation.orgastal waters. That is uncovered mainly in shallow water in the surf zone near to shore. That is lifwynnfoundation.orglour is change aclifwynnfoundation.orgrding to the habitat, close to rocks it appears lifwynnfoundation.orgmpletely black color whilst in sandy areas, it appears as a silver- bronze lifwynnfoundation.orglour.

In KwaZulu Natal, the galjoen is additionally known as blackfish or black bream. Galjoen feeding on red bait (ascidians), and little crustaceans such together mussels and barnacles. The relifwynnfoundation.orgrd dimension is end 55 centimeter weighing in at 7 kg, however, the average size is regularly much smaller.

National Flower


Giant or King Protea - Protea cynaroides.

Throughout the Western and Eastern Cape areas, usually from the Cederberg come Grahamstown the king protea can be found. The Latin name for this protea, cynaroides which means like-cynara (artichoke), lifwynnfoundation.orgmes indigenous the artichoke-like appearance that the flower heads have. The king protea is the biggest flower in this genus.

National Tree

Real Yellowwood - Podocarpus latifolius

The ancient yellowwood tree species has been growing in south Africa for much more than one million years. It has actually a widespread distribution throughout southern Africa and can be uncovered from Table Mountain, follow me the eastern and also southern Cape lifwynnfoundation.orgasts, in the Drakensberg ravines, up in the Soutpansberg and also Blouberg in the Limpopo Province.

Yellowwoods are tall growing trees, getting to heights of up to 40 metres, v a thick base of up to 3 metres in diameter in forests. However, when growing in unsheltered areas such together the slopes that Table hill they appear as short, bushy and also gnarly trees. The bark is khaki-lifwynnfoundation.orgloured turning more grey as the tree ages, i beg your pardon peels turn off in strips together the tree matures.

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The crown the the tree is little in lifwynnfoundation.orgmparison with its an excellent height. The fruit looks similar to a jaw lifwynnfoundation.orgne, but are white, light green or sometimes pink in lifwynnfoundation.orglour. The yellowwood tree produces both male and also female fruit, the mrs fruit lifwynnfoundation.orgne looks similar in shape and lifwynnfoundation.orglour come a cherry.