Much the the emphasis on the brand-new NFL CBA has been on the benefits current players will certainly receive. But the brand-new CBA might be even an ext important for the NFL’s retirement players.

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According to the mountain Laurel-based NFL Alumni group, the NFL’s an ext than 10,000 retired players or alumni will all receive significantly increased benefits as component of the new CBA between the owners and players.

After a mainly of voting, the CBA proposal was authorized by the current players by a an extremely close vote of 1,019 come 959, the NFLPA announced Sunday. A simple bulk is necessary to approve the proposal.

The cumulative bargaining agreement, negotiated by the NFL football player Association and the owners" management council, governs all aspect of NFL operations and also runs because that 10 years.

The proposed CBA includes major improvements that we at NFL Alumni seek for countless months indigenous owners and also the union,” reads a statement on the NFL Alumni net site. “The document includes higher pensions—some through as lot as 60 percent– for all alumni; a palliation in pension requirements from 4 to three vested periods for every alumni; and a $50,000 health and wellness Reimbursement Account for all vested players that previously had not been eligible early to their retirement date.

According come the NFL Alumni, median pensions for players will certainly go indigenous $30,000 per year to $46,000 per year, and more than 10,000 former players will realize the benefit.

The adjust from four years of credited seasons to 3 to end up being vested because that a pension provides a $19,800 yearly pension for life for former players with three years the NFL organization but no four. That number is meant to increase to $22,000 in 2025 based on expected yearly NFL revenue growth. That affects an estimated 3,000 retired players.

According come NFL Alumni, retired football player 65 or older will check out a 25 percent increase in their Medicare supplement benefit.

Also, follow to the relax from the NFL Player Alumni"s website, the new CBA calls for “all retired players to receive free or low-cost screenings, preventive care, mental wellness services and orthopedic care at a new national network of top hospitals created by the owners and the union.”

All of this is critical considering what we"ve learned in recent years about the permanent physical and mental affect of playing football.

The complete CBA has not yet been made available.

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An rundown of the basics of the new CBA was posted on the NFL’s net site. 

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