Scoring in bowling is calculate on a roll basis and also is based on the outcome of each frame. In bowling there space 10 frames. A framework is comprised of two bowls, therefore the bowler gets to throw the ball down the lane at the pins double per frame.

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There room 10 pins set up at the back of the lane. If friend knock every 10 pins ~ above the an initial bowl it"s dubbed a strike. If you at some point knock every 10 pins ~ above your second bowl it"s dubbed a spare. Finally, if friend fail to knock down all 10 pins it"s called an open up frame.

When you"re bowling you will watch the complying with symbols show up on the display screen that show the complete running score ~ above the existing frame.

X or xStrike
-No pins knocked down
5 41st roll versus 2nd roll

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Perfect Scores


The minimum score for a single bowling game is 0 and also the preferably score is a 300. For each frame, a human being gets 2 attempts come knock over all of the pins. A perfect score would certainly be a strike because that every frame.

Open Frames

An open structure is when the bowler falls short to knock down all 10 pins with both bowls. One open frame is most usual for amateur players and also is scored by including up the sum of the quantity of pins that were knocked end on both bowls.

For example, if friend knock 2 pins end on the first bowl and six pins over on the second attempt, then the open frame score would certainly be 8 points.

Scoring because that a complement where simply open frames are scored is nice simple, but scoring gets a little more complicated when there room spares and strikes involved.


A spare, suggested by a slash / top top a scorecard, happens as soon as you tear down all 10 of the pins ~ above your 2nd attempt because that the frame. As soon as a preventive is earned, it is supplied to calculate the score ~ above the following frame.


A strike is likewise worth 10 points, but instead of acquisition the score that the very first roll that the following frame, the total score that the next two rolfes is taken.

The 10th Frame

The bowler gets an additional roll if a spare is earned and also two added rolls if a win is earn on the 10th frame. The total variety of pins knocked under are included to the to run total.

Scoring Example

Pins5 44 /7 -X -X -X -5 36 /4 /X X X

Let"s walk v the over scoring instance step by step:

Frame #1: The bowler rolfes a five and four because that a complete of 9 points.

Frame #2: The bowler knocks down four pins and also then the remaining 6 pins for a spare. Us wait to calculation the to run score until the an initial roll of frame #3 is done

Frame #3: The bowler rolls a 7 - bringing the to run score to 26 in framework #2. Remember, when a spare is earned you include on the next roll the running total. The bowler then knocks 0 pins under in the 2nd roll. The total is 33 points.

Frame #4: The bowler knocks all 10 pins down for a strike. Us wait to calculate the running total because the following two rolls are included to the score after a strike.

Frame #5: The bowler earns an additional strike. Us still must wait to calculate the to run score for structure #4 and frame #5.

Frame #6: The bowler earns another strike. We can ultimately calculate frame #4 - we take 33 from framework #3 and add +10 +10 +10 for 63. We execute this since on a strike us always include the following rolls.

Frame #7: The bowler rolfes a 5 top top the first roll. We deserve to calculate framework #5 by taking the to run score from frame #4 (63) and adding +10 and also +5 for 88. Top top the second roll, the bowler rolls a 3, so we can calculate frame #6 by adding 88 +10 +5 +3 for 106. Framework #7 complete score is 114.

Frame #8: The bowler rolfes a 6 and then a 4 for a spare! us wait to calculate the running complete until the following roll is done.

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Frame #9: The bowler rolls a 4. The score in structure #8 is 114 + 10 + 4 = 128. The bowler makes an additional spare, but we wait to calculation the running complete for structure #9

Frame #10: The bowler rolfes a strike. We have the right to calculate structure #9 by taking structure #8 + 10 +10 because that 148. Because the bowler gained a strike they get to roll two more times. The score in structure #10 is constantly the total number of pins knocked down. The bowler rolfes 3 strikes in framework #10.