Wondering what the deal is with Orbeez? As frequent Amazon and Walmart shoppers, we’d like to think of ourselves as up on the latest and greatest toys, mainly because we’re constantly on the lookout for something that will keep our kid occupied long enough to enjoy something soothing like a CBD face mask or teaching yourself how to draw a rose. Although we’ll pretty much buy anything, one thing is giving the mama community pause — Orbeez.

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You’re not the only one wondering what these things are. In fact, according to the latest search data available to us, Orbeez has a search volume of 246,000 per month. PER MONTH! But as these things slowly take over our lives, we still need to figure out WTF Orbeez are and why my kids are so obsessed with them. (These colorful spheres may have even usurped their favorite Disney cartoon characters and baby shark toys as their number one obsession — for now.) You can see, even from the packaging, that they look like tiny little marbles, but they feel like eyeballs (feel free to tell that to your kids to gross them out). So without further ado …

What are Orbeez?

In a nutshell, Orbeez are actually super-absorbent polymers that grow to more than 100 times their volume when placed in water. And just what the hell are polymers, you ask? And what are Orbeez made of? Excellent questions! The Orbeez website (which is about as scientific as I feel like getting about this), says that polymers are several molecules joined together and they grow when the water is absorbed in the spaces between the molecules. Apparently, polymers were invented way back in the ’60s to irrigate crops during droughts. As parents, we know polymers as the tiny beads inside diapers. Yea, Orbeez are basically just colorful diaper pellets — still trying to figure out if there’s a way to just take them out of a diaper and dye them like an egg, will get back to you on that.

Here’s where to buy Orbeez:

Orbeez Luxury Foot Spa

As if your kid needs a spa day, this Orbeez Luxury Foot Spa will give your child’s feet a treat. I guess running around on the playground and stepping all over your nerves can be tiring. They can soak their little tootsies in this foot spa that comes with more than 2,000 Orbeez that magically grow in warm water for a sensory sensation. This kit gets lit with LED lighting on the top of the tub that tells you how much longer you have on your foot spa. Unlike some of the other Orbeez kits, this one comes with easy clean-up. The strainer removes water without losing Orbeez. Plus, the water beads are reusable so once you let them dry, they’re ready for another customer. Depending on the size of your feet, mom can dip her toes in too because the tub can fit up to an adult shoe size 8.

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Orbeez Grown Mega Pack

This comes with, get this, 2,000 hydrated Orbeez in a tub (400 of each color: purple, pink, teal, blue, and yellow). Truly for the ultimate fan.

$19.26 AT AMAZON


Orbeez, Wow World Wowzers, Polar Magic Surprise Magical Pets

Perfect for a holiday gift, this is like a snow globe…but Orbeez! The description reads, “In a land where it snows all year long and the stars dance in the sky, there’s a place full of magic, not just any magic… but Polar Magic! In the Polar Magic, the cuddliest of creatures live. They love to snuggle underneath the Northern Lights. Every day is full of clouds, snow and magic with enough goodwill to spare!” 

$10.99 AT AMAZON


Orbeez Spin & Soothe Hand Spa

Your mani-obsessed mini can indulge in a little (mess-free!) pampering by submerging their hands in this tactile tub. This spa includes a spinning feature so the beads become a whirlpool for a relaxing hand massage. *Ahhh* …