Swell swel : n. The prior of the saddle tree that holds the 2 bars together and also provides a base because that the horn. Additionally known as the saddle fork or pommel.


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The saddle puffy or fork (or, if you"re English, pommel) is the part of the saddle the holds with each other the bars the the tree. It also supports the horn. There room three various styles the swells: the A fork (or "slick fork"), the puffy fork, and the undercut swell fork.Early western saddles were usually made with an A fork, but the puffy fork became popular together a safer different for compete disciplines. Today many saddles space made with a puffy fork, although claims with a strong buckaroo tradition still choose the A fork. Many of our manufacturers develop A fork ranch and all approximately saddles.The undercut swell fork was touted to be really useful for maintaining you in the saddle during dangerous situations (more come grab on to in a lurch). The was beneficial indeed, however sometimes falling the end the saddle was more secure than continuing to be in that while ~ above a wild horse. Today it"s seldom seen, however it still gift a unique saddle profile.

Parts of the saddle

Saddle DiagramThe SeatThe SwellThe CantleThe RiggingThe GulletThe FendersThe Stirrups
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