Question by Veronica: Russian words because that grandma and grandpa? i have heard babushka because that grandmother and dédülya for grandfather, however i was trying to find something much more endearing. Like in spanish, grandfather is abuelo yet my grandfathers were Papa Leo and Pa Benja. And my grandmothers were Ma Candi and also Mi Fina (my fina – brief for josephine).

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earlier to my question, room there any type of ‘cute/endearing’ surname for grandpa and also grandma in russian? i was also wondering, seeing how their really is only a few forms on how to speak grandma and granpa, would certainly popop be acceptable for grandpa? Babu because that grandma? i just want to make certain they don’t mean something offensive.

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Answer by kotulenka no really. Babushka and dedushka space pretty much the just ones used. Everybody, the course, can embroider on those.

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Answer by man Boldroff Babunya and also Dzyeda

Answer by lekha grandfather – ded granpa – dEdushka, dEda grandm – bAbushka (bAbka – grossly, familiarly) granma – bAbushka, babUlya

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