The holy bible is composed of 66 books in full from the Old testament to the new Testament. The brand-new Testament has actually 27 publications while the Old Testament consists of 39 books. Each of these books and every native of it space alive and an effective for these were every God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Each publication of the holy bible is vital no issue the length of them. Even the shortest book in the holy bible contains compelling wisdom indigenous the Apostle John.

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The 3rd Epistle of The Apostle man (3 John)

The shortest book of the scriptures is the third epistle that Apostle john to a guy named Gaius. It followed the first and 2nd epistle created for the church in Asia Minor and also to a lady and her family, consecutively. That was believed that John created the 3rd epistle in ~ the same time or soon after he wrote the 2nd epistle. Next on the list of the shortest publication in the holy bible was 2 John. These 2 epistles were an individual letters to details persons. The second epistle was written for a lady and also her family members while 3 man for the man on the church of Pergamum.

Composed of exclusively one chapter and 14 verses, this shortest publication in the scriptures has just 219 indigenous in the original Greek language and 299 native in the English language.

Author of the Book


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John, the beloved, is just one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He was the youngest of every apostles. That was likewise the last surviving initial disciple of Jesus. The the twelve hands-on worker of Christ, man was the only one who died of natural reasons while others were tortured to death. Man wrote five of the sixty-six publication s that the bible. He created the Gospel the John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 man which is the shortest publication in the Bible, and Revelation, the last publication of the Bible. The Apostle John had written the last book of the bible on the island the Patmos where he to be exiled and spent the last years the his life.

John with his brothers the Apostle James, space the young of Zebedee and also Salome. They to be both fishermen prior to they were called by Jesus into His ministry. While man was the last remaining apostle, his brother James to be the first apostle come die amongst the twelve for his beliefs.

Originally, man was a monitor of john the Baptist before Jesus called him to end up being an apostle. That was stated as “the disciple who Jesus loved” in man 21:20. The Gospel that John stated this phrase and the ax ‘beloved apostle’ referring to him six times. In his writings, man talked around love numerous times. The love the is in Christ Jesus.

In the an initial verse of the shortest book in the bible (3 man 1:1), John described himself as “The Elder”. This depicts the authority and also position that the Apostle. It also conveys to the one the was creating the letter the he to be referring come himself. He to be a prominent leader in the early Church and made a critical role in church history.



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Around advertisement 90-95 John written the shortest book of the holy bible when he to be at Ephesus. However, this is to discuss as some scholars think that the publication was composed on the Island of Patmos instead. This epistle was straight written for Gaius, the bishop come the church of Pergamum. This shortest book of the bible is among the few books created for a specific individual. At the time John was creating this letter to Gauis, the church that Pergamum was facing problems with the city itself. Mentioned in the publication of Revelation (Revelations 2:12), this city to be labeled it as the city the Satan due to the fact that of the pagan practice and sexual immorality.

John had exceedingly high regards for Gaius because that his faith and support because that missionaries. The hospitality come brothers and sisters in Christ is the central focus the this book. 3 john verses 1-4 described Gaius as John’s lovely friend and also he loves in truth.

3 john 1:1-2

“The elder come the beloved Gaius, whom i love in truth. Beloved, ns pray that all might go well through you and also that you may be in an excellent health, together it walk well through your soul.”

There are other names mentioned in this shortest publication in the bible. One called Demetrius who set John as an example for Gaius because of his great works and also faith. Diotrephes, ~ above the various other hand, verified an unpromising character towards his hospitality.

He repressed the government of the Apostle John and also talked angry things about him. Diotrephes go something worse, he stopped various other lifwynnfoundation.orgs native going come Church.

3 john 1:9-10

“I have actually written something come the church, however Diotrephes, who likes to placed himself first, does not recognize our authority. For this reason if ns come, i will lug up what the is doing, talking wicked nonsense against us. And not content through that, the refuses to welcome the brothers, and also stops those who desire to and also puts them out of the church.”

Key Takeaways indigenous The Shortest publication of The Bible


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3 john 1:11

“Beloved, carry out not imitate evil yet imitate good. Everyone does an excellent is indigenous God; whoever does evil has actually not viewed God.”

The shortest publication in the bible reminds us to imitate only those the are good and pleasing prior to God. City 11 tells us that does who do great are that God and those who carry out not room yet to conference Him. For how many times in the Bible, other apostles particularly Paul also urged various other believers come imitate them as they imitate Christ. As followers the Christ, we are referred to as lifwynnfoundation.orgs. Lifwynnfoundation.orgs live come the teachings and examples the Jesus in the Scripture.

John gave us two examples in the name of Demetrius and also Diotrephes to view who we have to follow. Obviously, we space not to emulate Diotrephes’ plot and response toward his leader, his brothers, and sisters in faith. Jesus commanded his disciples come love one another. In the gospel that John, that is additionally said, “A brand-new commandment I offer to you, the you love one another: simply as I have actually loved you, you also are come love one another. Through this, all human being will know that you room my hands-on worker if you have actually love for one another”. 

3 man 1:3-4

“For i rejoiced substantially when the brothers came and testified to your truth, as undoubtedly you are walking in the truth.  I have actually no better joy 보다 to hear the my youngsters are wade in the truth.”

To walk in the truth way walking in accordance to the will and also Word that God. When apostle man rejoices to see his other ministers walk in truth, just how much an ext it is for God? he longs to view his kids live a righteous life and it offers pleasure come His name. The factor why john commended Gaius was since of his faithfulness and also endeavor because that the ministry.

3 man 1:5-8

“Beloved, it is a faithful point you do in all your efforts for these brothers, strangers together they are, that testified to her love prior to the church. Girlfriend will do well to send lock on their journey in a path worthy that God. For they have actually gone out for the services of the name, agree nothing indigenous the Gentiles. Thus we need to support people like these, the we might be fellow workers because that the truth.”

It is impossible to love God without loving his church. The best method to present our love for the church is to present our support for every other. It deserve to be v prayer, gaue won support, encouragement, and also more. Everything it is, it is the love in our hearts the counts.

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The 3rd epistle of John might be the shortest publication of the bible but it still speak a lot around God’s love and also His will. Not just this, however it likewise tackles essential and an essential issues in the Church which church surely encounter also in these times the days. This proves that God’s capability to communicate His Word will not be limited by the number of words and also verses.