Figure 2.8.2

Q: In the Figure above, what distance has actually the thing traveled from the starting point by the moment 5 seconds have actually elapsed?

A: The object has actually traveled a street of 50 meters.

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Slope amounts to Velocity

In a position-time graph, the velocity the the relocating object is stood for by the slope, or steepness, that the graph line. If the graph line is horizontal, prefer the heat after time = 5 secs in Graph 2 in the Figure below, climate the steep is zero and so is the velocity. The place of the thing is not changing. The steeper the line is, the higher the steep of the line is and the faster the object’s motion is changing.

Figure 2.8.3

Calculating mean Velocity native a Position-Time Graph

It’s basic to calculate the typical velocity that a relocating object from a position-time graph. Average velocity equates to the change in position (represented by Δd) divided by the corresponding adjust in time (represented by Δt):


For example, in Graph 2 in the Figure above, the average velocity in between 0 seconds and 5 seconds is:

velocity=Δd/Δt=(25 m−0 m)/(5 s−0 s)=25m/5s=5 m/s

Watch this two-part video collection for much more position vs. Time graph examples.

Use the adhering to PLIX interaction to do a position-time graph because that a jogger who transforms speed during their run:

Interactive Element


Motion deserve to be stood for by a position-time graph, i m sorry plots position relative come the starting point ~ above the y-axis and time on the x-axis. The steep of a position-time graph to represent velocity. The steeper the steep is, the quicker the activity is changing. Mean velocity deserve to be calculated indigenous a position-time graph together the change in position divided by the corresponding adjust in time.


describe how to do a position-time graph. What is the slope of a heat graph? What does the slope of a position-time graph represent? can a heat on a position-time graph have a negative slope, that is, can it slope downward from left come right? Why or why not? In Graph 1 in the Figure above, what is the object’s median velocity?

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