Every sink is a tiny different, and what you’ll discover in the toilet is unique compared to what you have in the kitchen. Still, numerous of the parts of a sink room the exact same on every models. 

Here are several of the common parts the a sink you’ll find almost everywhere:

Controls: Controls space what enable you to rotate the water top top or off. Single lever layouts that rotate to control water temperature and separate left and right hot/cold controls are common. A variety of layouts mean you have the right to pick the one the functions and also looks best in your home. Basin: The basin is the part of the sink the holds water from the faucet. It has a drainpipe in the bottom that allows water to escape. A range of sizes, styles and also materials are provided for bathroom, kitchen and utility sink purposes. Drain: all sinks have a drain to allow water indigenous the faucet to flow out the the sink basin. The drainpipe is linked to your P-trap and also plumbing connection hidden within the walls.  Tailpiece: regularly referred to as the drainpipe tailpiece, this is the section of piping the connects come the drainpipe fitting. It carries water away from the sink.  Water it is provided lines: These affix to the sink’s faucet controls. They carry hot and cold water through different supply lines come the sink because that use. P-Trap: A P-trap is a two-part pipeline under her sink that enables waste and also water to pass through. The bending in the pipe stays clear of sewer gasses indigenous entering. Today, many models space two piece joined together. Enlarge P-trap systems might be glued in place and should be replaced with an updated two-piece system. Cleanout: situated near the P-trap, a cleanout is a pipe installation that enables you to clean clogs and also remove debris. Shut-off valve or stops: regularly featuring an oval-shaped manage attached come a functional braided metal line, a shut-off valve is situated near a sink to aid you manage the flow of water. By turning the shut-off valve, you’ll manage the supply of water to the sink without turning the water off for the whole house. Individual shut-offs might be described as stops.

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Still not sure what parts consist of a sink? check out each sink components diagram below for a more detailed intuitive representation.


Kitchen sink include plenty of of the same parts that you’ll uncover on any kind of sink, favor a basin, faucet, regulate lever or handles and hot and cold water it is provided lines. However, kitchen sinks often have a couple of extra parts. 

Here’s what you’ll uncover on a kitchen sink assembly:

Spray head: A spray head is a detachable fixture the makes tasks like washing key easier. Spray heads generally share the very same water it is provided lines together your faucet via a connecting spray hose. In many kitchen sink setups, you can use one of two people the faucet or spray head however not both at once. Strainer: This multi-piece system helps filter debris the end of her system. Strainer solution are commonly comprised of a strainer body, a coupling and a flange. Her strainer system connects come your drainpipe pipe together well. Garbage disposal: fastened to your P-trap, a rubbish disposal help grind down food debris and also carry it away from her sink, avoiding clogs.

Use our kitchen sink plumbing diagram for a an ext detailed visual.


A toilet sink has actually fewer parts than your average kitchen sink. Here are the extra sink parts typically found on a bathroom sink fixture that might be various from her kitchen or energy sink:

Stoppers: countless bathroom sinks have a drainpipe that have the right to be closeup of the door to save water in the basin. These are called stoppers, and also they incorporate a fitting that goes inside the drain and also a background rod come raise and lower the stopper valve. A pivot rod, spring clip, clevis strap and also associated hardware are used to activate the mechanism. Valve stops: A little different in the bathroom, most sinks here have actually a different shut-off manage for hot and also cold water. Through a twin vanity, you will do it likely have actually a collection of 2 on each sink. These are supplied to revolve the water turn off to the sink without impacting toilet fixtures or various other parts of your bathroom. Your valve stops are associated to your water it is provided lines via versatile braided metal tubing.

Use our sink plumbing diagram come familiarize yourself v the various bathroom sink parts and the parts of a sink drain.


Your sink’s faucet has actually a selection of parts. Usage this nottard to assist you much better understand what the parts of a kitchen faucet space called:

Faucet lever: This is the control for the water supply. You’ll usage this to turn water on and also off throughout normal operation. Many kitchen sinks utilize a single lever that deserve to be turned left or best to regulate the temperature the the water. Faucet body: below the faucet lever, you’ll uncover the faucet body. This connects come the water it is provided lines to bring water to the spout. This is non-adjustable once installed. Spout and also spout assembly: The spout and also spout assembly are the internal and also external materials that allow water to flow from your faucet. Aerator: situated at the end of the spout, the aerator is designed to manage the circulation of water out of the spout. Escutcheon: This metal piece sit on height of sink and covers the feet that connect to her pipes and also faucet handles. Spray hose: This associate the water it is provided to the faucet together a whole. It additionally connects your handheld sprayer come the water supply if her sink is fitted through one. Compression couplings: Compression couplings occupational to attach two various pipes to her fixture and valves. These room located in between your hot water it is provided line, cold water supply line and also the left and right valves extended by the escutcheon.  Water it is provided lines: Kitchen sinks are generally fitted with two it is provided lines – a hot water supply line and a cold water it is provided line. A dish washer water it is provided line will be present if applicable. Food washer drain hose: This is offered to eliminate water from the food washer. You deserve to usually clues this drainpipe hose quickly due to the fact that it has actually a loop at the optimal to save dirty water from stable or returning to her sink. Shut off valves: her shut turn off valves control the circulation of water to the sink. Transforming them off stops the flow of water because that repairs or in the instance of a leak.

Along through these parts, all sink faucets use an assortment that nuts and washers. These will certainly vary depending on the specific hardware you room using.


Sink drains aren’t an especially complex, however if you’re brand-new to plumbing parts, they deserve to be difficult to understand. Here are the components of a sink drainpipe you require to know about:

Strainer basket: This part fits into the opening at the bottom of your sink basin. That helps collection food debris and also is frequently an optional product, though some sinks come with them. Universal replacement strainer baskets space available. Strainer flange: This item sits directly listed below your strainer basket. Once applicable, that will affix to your garbage disposal. P-trap: comprised of two pipes, this assembly removes waste and also water from her sink. These pipes type a pronounced bending to help avoid clogs. Strainer nut, rubber gasket and friction gasket: this parts work in unison to create a certain seal in between your strainer flange and P-trap. Plumber’s putty is frequently used to save these piece in place.

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