If you are going to play the violin, it"s a great idea to recognize the simple parts and also functions of the music instrument. Check out the picture and descriptions below.

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Body - The largest component of the violin is the hole body. Its main function is to amplify the sound of the strings. The human body is made up of the back, belly (top) and ribs (sides). The human body is shaped like an hourglass.Neck and also fingerboard - The neck is the long piece of lumber that sticks the end from the body. Glued on top of the neck is the fingerboard. This is a smooth level piece of lumber where the musician presses down on the strings to do notes. Unlike a guitar, the fingerboard on a violin is smooth and also has no frets.Pegbox - Located over the neck, the pegbox is wherein the pegs room inserted and the strings are attached. The tightness and also tuning the the strings are adjusted by the pegs in the pegbox.Scroll - in ~ the peak of the violin is the scroll. Its regularly carved and is there mostly for decoration.F-holes - On optimal of the body and also on every side close to the center of the violin room the f-holes. These holes are where the sound the the violin comes the end of the body. They are called f-holes since they resemble an f in italics. Changing the size, shape, and length of these holes can readjust the sound of the violin.Bridge - The leg is a hard piece of lumber that the strings put on peak of. It"s at the leg that the strings protect against vibrating and also sound travel from the strings down right into the body of the violin.Tailpiece - ~ passing over the bridge the end of the strings connect to the tailpiece.Chin rest - in ~ the bottom the the human body is a chin rest which helps the musician to assistance the violin with their chin if playing.Strings - The violin has 4 strings all tuned to a fifth apart. They represent the note G, D, A, and E. The BowThe bow of the violin is comprised of the stick and the steed hair. The stick gives the bow strength and is where the violin holds the bow. The steed hair is what is rubbed against the strings to make vibrations and sound. The equine hair connects come the stick at the frog on one end and the point on the other.

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Bows used in play the violin
Fun Facts around the components of a ViolinElectric violins need not be made of hardwood as they execute not count on the material for amplification or resonance.People that build, design, and repair violins are dubbed luthiers. A modern-day violin is do from about 70 different pieces that wood.The body size of a full size violin is around 14 inches. Over there are smaller sized fractional violins too such together 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, and also 1/16. A 3/4 violin has actually a body size of 13 inches and also a 1/2 violin has a size of 12 inches.More on the violin:Other musical instruments:

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