The Grizzlies are angling for a playoff spot at a young age, yet what does the mean precisely long term?

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The Memphis Grizzlies are the youngest team in the NBA. At an average period of 24, the Grizzlies are among eight groups with your average period under 25. Memphis is likewise the only among those eight groups that’s currently a playoff team and also that hold a .500 record or better.

While this seems favor it should be a really big deal in the big picture, the Grizzlies aren’t incredibly unique. Every season there’s typically a team or 2 that watch somewhat like this team when it concerns their record, roster composition, and also playoff seeding. But, what walk it typical for the future? Does gift so young, this good, this fast, analyze to future success? That’s whereby the pucker lies. How numerous of these teams built and maintained the success?

For this research, the parameters were simple:

Find groups with an average age of under 25 and also track your success. To make certain the layout of play and also players connected were mostly similar to today’s organization with the amount of superteams and contract structures in place, ns went ago to the 2009-2010 season, the last season prior to LeBron James left Cleveland for south Beach and the Miami Heat. Also, 25 appeared to it is in a great indicator because that moderately successful to an excellent teams, together a bulk of the playoff teams each season often tend to more than 25.

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Teams Average period Under 25 (2018-19 Season)

TEAM period WINS losses PLAYOFFS TEAM period WINS accident PLAYOFFS
New York Knicks 23.4 17 65 No
Phoenix Suns 24 19 63 No
Chicago Bulls 24 22 60 No
Sacramento Kings 24.8 39 43 No
Denver Nuggets 24.9 54 28 Yes
League Average 26.4
groups Average age Under 25 (2018-19 Season) basketball-reference

The Sacramento majesties finished together the #9 seed, 9 gamings behind the Clippers for the last playoff spot in the West critical season. Denver ~ above the other hand, finished as the #2 seeds in the West, shedding to Portland in the second round of the playoffs in seven games.

Both of these squads compare somewhat to the Grizzlies as soon as it pertains to roster composition, however the Nuggets room a fingerprint idea that what Memphis have the right to do in a short amount that time. Denver go 40-42 v their core of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic in location in 2016-2017 in their fourth straight shedding season. Simply two periods later, Denver was in the West final with this season’s outcome yet to it is in determined.


Teams Average age 25U (2017-18 Season)

Team age W l Playoffs Team age W l Playoffs
Phoenix Suns 23.7 21 61 No
Los Angeles Lakers 23.7 35 47 No
Chicago Bulls 24.4 27 55 No
Boston Celtics 24.7 55 27 Yes
League Average 26.6
teams Average age 25U (2017-18 Season) basketball-reference

Three that the 4 teams under 25 in 2017-2018 were pretty bad. The Los Angeles Lakers to be the far better of those three with a very young core, however that would all acquire blown up the adhering to offseason through the arrival of LeBron James.

The clear exemption of every one of it to be the Boston Celtics, that made it come the eastern final, losing in seven gamings to LeBron and also the Cleveland Cavaliers. This team is comparable in makeup to the present Grizzlies with their young players in Jaylen Brown and also Jayson Tatum surrounded by veterans the the young and experienced varieties. The large difference is those vets contained Kyrie Irving and also Al Horford, 2 players that no one top top the Grizzlies roster matches as much as currently. Currently, the Celtics have some of the young main point still around in Brown and Tatum, however the supporting pieces have adjusted quite a bit.


Teams Average age 25U (2016-17 Season)

Team period Wins casualty Playoffs Team period Wins accident Playoffs
Minnesota Timberwolves 24 31 51 No
Philadelphia 76ers 24.6 28 54 No
Oklahoma City Thunder 24.7 47 35 Yes
Portland follow Blazers 24.8 41 41 Yes
League Average 26.6
groups Average period 25U (2016-17 Season) basketball-reference

Two of the 4 teams under 25 make the playoffs in 2016-2017, Oklahoma City and Portland. In the middle of a six year playoff run, Portland was among the youngest groups in 2016-2017, yet this was only the second time they to be under 25 during this stretch. The just year under 25 before those to be Damian Lillard’s rookie project in 2012-2013.

They developed their roster a bit in different ways than Memphis in that their young core of Lillard and also CJ McCollum was normally surrounded by much more experienced players. The Thunder space a different story altogether, together a big part of your salary to be tied increase in their vets favor Russell Westbrook and Enes Kanter. Your roster remained in a consistent state the flux at this suggest to construct solely about Westbrook,


Teams Average age 25U (2015-16 Season)

Team age Wins accident Playoffs Team period Wins accident Playoffs
Philadephia 76ers 23.3 10 72 No
Milwaukee Bucks 23.5 33 49 No
Orlando Magic 23.9 35 47 No
Utah Jazz 24.2 40 42 No
Portland trace Blazers 24.3 44 38 Yes
Minnesota Timberwolves 24.6 29 53 No
Denver Nuggets 24.7 33 49 No
League Average 26.8
groups Average period 25U (2015-16 Season) basketball-reference

This is Portland’s other appearance in this list come here, together they were the only playoff team the end of the 7 under 25. The end of the other teams, Philadelphia was in the center of “The Process,” and Milwaukee to be still in the slow construct towards where they space today, simply three seasons right into the career of Giannis Antetokounmpo, which leader to our next season...


Teams Average period 25U (2014-15 Season)

Team age Wins accident Playoffs Team age Wins accident Playoffs
Philadelphia 76ers 23.2 18 64 No
Utah Jazz 23.4 38 44 No
Orlando Magic 24.3 25 57 No
Minnesota Timberwolves 24.4 16 66 No
Milwaukee Bucks 24.6 41 41 Yes
League Average 26.8
teams Average age 25U (2014-15 Season) basketball-reference

The Bucks made the playoffs in Antetokounmpo’s second season, together with third-year player Khris Middleton, and the recent Rookie the the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Through a hard mix that younger players, like the abovementioned young stars, to add Brandon Knight and also veterans prefer Ersan Ilysova and Jerryd Bayless. The Bucks (ahead of schedule?) pushed right into the playoffs as the #6 seed, whereby they were eliminated by the Chicago Bulls.

This might be one of the far better comps, together the Bucks had actually some young but mostly unproven talent and landed us in the playoffs with a so-so record. Quick forward to now, and the Bucks space still led by Giannis and Middleton, when the cast about them is lot different and also you could see just how the Grizzlies might end increase in the exact same spot. Room Giannis and Middleton the Milwaukee version of Ja Morant and also Jaren Jackson Jr.? it’s still lot too at an early stage to tell.


Teams Average period 25U (2013-14 Season)

Team age Wins accident Playoffs Team period Wins accident Playoffs
Philadelphia 76ers 23.4 19 63 No
New olions Pelicans 24.3 34 48 No
Utah Jazz 24.5 25 57 No
Orlando Magic 24.6 25 59 No
Milwaukee Bucks 24.7 15 67 No
Detroit Pistons 24.7 29 53 No
Cleveland Cavaliers 24.9 33 49 No
Sacramento Kings 24.9 28 54 No
League Average 26.6
groups Average age 25U (2013-14 Season) basketball-reference

This season featured a the majority of teams in transition with none even carefully comparing to this year’s Grizzlies. There unfortunately isn’t a whole lot to compare here with these teams all lacking the playoffs.


Teams Average period 25U (2012-13 Season)

Team period Wins losses Playoffs Team age Wins accident Playoffs
New olions Hornets 24 27 55 No
Cleveland Cavaliers 24.1 24 58 No
Charlotte Bobcats 24.4 21 61 No
Portland trace Blazers 24.4 33 49 No
Houston Rockets 24.4 45 37 Yes
Orlando Magic 24.6 20 62 No
League Average 26.7
groups Average age 25U (2012-13 Season) basketball-reference

James Harden’s an initial year in Houston resulted in a playoff run for the young Rockets, however this team wasn’t precisely put with each other the very same way. They had drafted Chandler Parsons the previous offseason, and included Patrick Beverley in this draft. Houston wasn’t developed the same, but in some means were comparable to this young Memphis team v their mixture the youth and also experience.


Teams Average age 25U (2011-12 Season)

Team age Wins casualty Playoffs Team age Wins casualty Playoffs
Washington Wizards 24.2 20 46 No
Sacramento Kings 24.3 22 44 No
Minnesota Timberwolves 24.4 26 40 No
Charlotte Bobcats 24.5 7 59 No
Philadelphia 76ers 24.9 35 31 Yes
League Average 26.7
groups Average age 25U (2011-12 Season) basketball-reference

The 76ers did make the playoffs in this lockout reduce season, yet this to be the critical year for the iteration the the franchise. Philly got in the depths the next couple of seasons, unloading players for more and more draft picks and cap space. For this reason while this team in specific is somewhat favor the Grizzlies, from this suggest out it to be a whole different story.


Teams Average period 25U (2009-10 Season)

Team age Wins accident Playoffs Team period Wins losses Playoffs
Oklahoma City Thunder 23.2 50 32 Yes
Minnesota Timberwolves 24.1 15 67 No
Sacramento Kings 24.1 25 57 No
Memphis Grizzlies 24.1 40 42 No
New Jersey Nets 24.8 12 70 No
League Average 26.8
teams Average period 25U (2009-10 Season) basketball-reference

For this last two seasons, there was just one team that made the playoffs under 25: The Oklahoma City Thunder. Now, this may be a stretch, but this might be the ideal comparison and also best outlook for our current Grizzlies team. In 2009-2010, Oklahoma City do the playoffs but were bounced in the first round. Quick forward to the next season, and also the large Three that Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and also James Harden do it to the west Conference Finals. If you nothing remember, the season after the they do it to the NBA Finals, shedding to the Miami Heat.

Durant/Westbrook/Harden space Hall of call level players. Ns am in no means suggesting that Morant/Jackson/Brandon Clarke room at that level. However, in these early seasons, Durant and also Westbrook to be the stars the the team, when Harden to be a more-than-solid- sixth man. Quick forward to these Grizzlies, and the similarities room there. Morant and Jackson Jr. Are the stars v Clarke coming off the bench.

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The crucial now is, if these room the pieces for the Grizzlies future. Will they keep the main point together, or will a split be in the future? It’s tough to say, but if what OKC did in those three quick seasons is a predictor of sorts because that Memphis’ future, we might be on the verge the something genuine special.