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You can’t deny the actress Tracee Ellis Ross comes from great genes. Her mother is the beautiful and also graceful Diana Ross. Her aunt is an award-winning doctor. Her family is beautiful, period. However even with every one of that, as she thrived up, Tracee didn’t choose to look at herself in the mirror.

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There to be one particular component of her body she hated, yet now has a better appreciation because that — her butt.

Black-ish‘s Tracee Ellis Ross says that her body picture has totally changed as she’s grown older, specifically when it concerns her posterior.

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“I love my target in a method I didn’t growing up,” the gold Globe winner, 44, tells Health for their April cover. “I really didn’t favor it growing up. It to be so lot bigger 보다 everyone else’s, and I wanted jeans to look the way they walk on everyone else, and also mine didn’t.”

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“I’ve been — come a specific extent — at odds with my body for plenty of years, wanting it to be something other than it was, wanting myself to it is in something other than ns was.”

Back in 2015, Ross said that, “One minute we’re an alleged to it is in flat-chested, the following we’re claimed to have large butts. Who the f–k have the right to keep up?” In the same issue of Glamour she went on to say, “…It teaches united state to be so focused on achieve the standards various other people set that we have actually no time left to put toward providing ourselves the life we want.”

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The black-ish star admitted that she occasionally felt more than a small self-conscious about her body.

“I always had a slim frame, yet when you hit 40 and also eat french fries three days in a row, it’s like, ‘What happened?,’ ” she claims in the issue. “There space things about my human body that i don’t love, but I’m not trying come look perfect every job – I’m trying come look prefer me!”

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It’s that newfound love for her body that mirrors every time she walk on the red carpet or does an interview. The nervous, self-conscious Tracee is gone. The “beautiful-inside-and-out (and she knows it) Tracee” is here now!

“The comfort in mine skin is so much better,” she says. “I spent so lot of mine life, culturally, see myself through others because I simply didn’t always have the confidence come look in ~ the world through my own eyes.”

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