Any list stating notable ports in Florida must include Port Canaveral. This port is collection to have an extremely high growth rate in the following 5 years. It’s expected that the cruise traffic will double and the cruise traffic alone is supposed to dual and the cargo will boost by 20 times.

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This port additionally hosts the complying with cruise lines: Carnival, Disney, imperial Caribbean, and also Norwegian. It’s expanding its cargo accommodations through a dredging project and also intermodal framework in the works.

Port Everglades


Just phibìc of PortMiami is port Everglades. The harbor does not rely on any tax dollars and had net revenue of $153 million in 2014. $26 billion precious of economic activity was lugged out v this port.

It is approximated that 203,700 tasks are affected by the activities carried out v this port. It has 8 multi-day use cruise terminals that deserve to serve an ext than 40 ships.

Jacksonville port Authority


This privately own facility generates 132,000 jobs and $27 billion in annual economic impact. Its short term arrangement looks to deepen that channel and also collaborate v the transportation department in an initiative to connect Jacksonville to the interstate road network and rail system.

This year several state projects, including the Mile suggest river circulation improvements by the military core of engineers, will certainly be improving this port a lot of this year.

Key West Port


The harbor of an essential West is the united state Navy’s most southern pier and shares the room with a privately own Pier B. This is among the most renowned ports in Florida brings a many of business to the city v its cruise dockings. The otherwise quaint city of vital West is preserved as result of the ocean being one of the most used develops of transport.

The harbor looks to repurpose a plot that land nearby into a superior urban park because that residents and also visitors to gain the waterfront. This is just a cruise harbor of call.

Port Manatee


This Tampa Bay harbor specializes in deep-water vessels and also features 70 acre of lay-down area, one million SF of warehouses and also office space. And 207,000 SF that refrigerated warehousing.

Its mission statement includes how the harbor looks to aid countywide economic growth v the implementation of catalyst programs for businesses, a score of many ports in Florida.

Port of Miami


PortMiami is whereby DGD carry conducts many of its ship shipping and also is one of the busiest port in the unified States. Known as the cruise resources of the people this port, probably the most renowned out the the port in Florida, observed 4 million cruise travelers last year. This year’s estimate shows the number to be even greater.

The harbor is has actually been prepared since 2015 for the mega size ships that room being constructed now that the Panama Canal has actually been expanded.

Port of Palm Beach


This port is easily available by interstates and also highways and also is critical distribution center for commodities being shipped all over the human being through the Caribbean Basin. DGD Transport can take treatment of obtaining your heavy or otherwise special delivery to that destination.

This port accommodates cruises and cargo, with a rare connection to rail. This is among the finest bets because that shippers in search of transmodal transportation.

Port Panama City


This port handles more than 1.7 million lots of cargo and also is well-known for providing necessary support service to 5 surrounding significant manufacturing companies. Two of these manufacturers are actually located on the port.

In the coming years it plans to add 100,00 SF of warehouse room to help intermodal operations in the distribution center.

Port of Pensacola


Fun fact: this harbor was developed in 1754 and also acted as Florida’s gateway come the civilization for rather some time. The takes proud in diverse operations and also is front of the curve top top weighing methods. It really hopes to generate operating profits to fund all operational prices other 보다 depreciation.

As a premier shipping company, we recognize the importance and also the impacts a effective port has on it’s city which is why we are specialists at every the port in Florida.

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DGD Transport makes use of every setting of transportation to successfully and safely transport our client cargo. offer us a speak to to discover more!