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Well this is absolutely ... wow. Activision has actually revealed "Call the the Dead," the previously unnamed Zombies setting map in the Call of Duty: black color Ops "Escalation" DLC. "Call of the Dead" is no ordinary map, however, together Treyarch is cram in several zombie-related pan service, starting with George Romero. The well known horror director stars as himself in the zombies episode, alongside the likes of sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert "Freddy Kreuger" Englund, Machete"s Danny Trejo and also Michael Rooker, who plays Merle Dixon in The go Dead.Treyarch"s note Lamia guarantees that "Call the the Dead" will carry out "an exciting brand-new zombie experience" the "takes zombie to an insane new level." check out some sceens in the gallery below and watch a (very Robert Rodriguez) trailer after the break. Oh, and also we contact dibs ~ above Danny!%Gallery-122317%
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