Antoine walker of the Boston Celtics celebrate in game 2 that the eastern Conference Finals against the brand-new Jersey Nets throughout the 2002 NBA Playoffs in ~ Continental airlines Arena in eastern Rutherford, new Jersey on may 21, 2002. The Celtics won 93-86. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

By Matt Dolloff,

Kemba Walker and the Celtics just noted every stubborn Celtics fan who held on to your Antoine walker No. 8 jerseys through a feeling of purpose.

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In a brand-new press release confirming the long-reported news that Kemba walker signed through them together a totally free agent, the Celtics confirmed that the former Hornets point guard – who can’t stay No. 15 because it’s been retired for Tommy Heinsohn because that 53 years – will switch to No. 8. The very same number worn by one more famous Celtics Walker, Antoine.

Better dust off the old ‘Toine jersey, if friend still have it.

Antoine walker never yielded the C’s a championship, yet he did reach the 2002 east Conference Finals as part of a pairing v Paul Pierce. That made 3 All-Star squads end his first seven seasons in Boston, during which he average 20.8 points and 8.7 rebounds in 528 games.

‘Toine became as well-known for his shimmy after ~ hitting large shots together he did for chucking up maddening hero-balls in ~ the most inopportune times. His combination of talent and also personality made him something that a magnetic figure, if never quite a great-enough star to take the Celtics to that next level.

We’ll check out if Kemba Walker deserve to reach the heights the Antoine – or also Kyrie Irving – never might in Boston. If he does, jersey No. 8 will have a new king ~ above the Celtics.

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