We can’t rather turn our heads all the way around to the back, and we can’t twist our spine 360º. However, we still have remarkable mobility...and injuries to any of ours joints will certainly lessen our capacity to move. When we relocate our hand in number 8’s, we are moving within these 3 planes that movement. Below is one explanation that each airplane with a Wikipedia drawing to assist you:

Sagittal plane: Divides her body into symmetrical right and also left halves. Activities in this aircraft include flexion or extension.

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Frontal or Coronal plane: Divides the body into front (anterior) and ago (posterior) parts. Activities in this plane include adduction, abbot or lateral flexion.

Transverse or Horizontal plane: Divides the body right into upper and also lower parts. Activities in this plane include lateral and medial rotation, pronation, and also supination.

Joint Movements

Here are five typical joint movements:


Flexion vs. Extension:

When you flex or bend her elbow, you room decreasing the angle between the upper arm bone and also the reduced arm bone.

When you prolong or straighten your elbow, friend are raising that angle. Any kind of joint have the right to be flexed or extended.

Therefore, flexion describes a motion that to reduce the angle in between two human body parts. Flexion and extension of the elbow is as explained above.

All joints have the right to flex and also extend. The knee, because that instance, bends once it"s flexed and also is straight when it is extended.


Abduction vs. Adduction:

When you abduct your leg, the moves away from the body midline of the body.

When girlfriend adduct her leg, it moves towards the midline of the body.

So, abduction is the activity of a framework away native the midline if adduction to express to motion towards the facility of the body.

The centre of the human body is identified as the midsagittal aircraft (see comment above).


Inversion vs. Eversion:

Inversion occurs when you turn the soles of your feet so that they challenge each other. Inversion, then, is the activity of the sole towards the median plane.

Eversion occurs as soon as you turn the soles of your feet so that they face away indigenous each other or away from the body. Eversion is the movement of the sole of the foot far from the median plane.


Dorsiflexion vs. Plantarflexion:

Bending her foot at the ankle for this reason the toes move up toward the shin is dorsiflexion.

Bending the foot in ~ the ankle for this reason the toes point down is plantarflexion.

Dorsiflexion is a ax that refers to the backward motion of a human body part. This is often used v respect to hands, feet, fingers, and also toes. As soon as you bend your fingers back, this is dorsiflexion. Plantarflexion refers to the bending of the foot or toes towards the single of the foot.


Supination vs. Pronation:

Palms increase or front or ankles leaning the end is supination.

Palms under or ago or ankles leaning in is pronation.

You room supine once you lied on her back.

You space prone as soon as you lie on her stomach.

The supine position means lying horizontally v the face and also torso dealing with up, as opposed come the at risk position, i beg your pardon is challenge down. When supplied in surgical procedures, it allows accessibility to the peritoneal, thoracic and also pericardial regions; and also the head, neck and also extremities.

Thanks to Wikipedia for these definitions and drawings.

Hyperextension is one extension past the normal anatomical position; it is an unnatural bend of any joint. Because that example, imagine her knee walk the the opposite of the “normal” way — that’s hyperextension. It kind of makes you cringe just to think about it, doesn’t it? You can probably imagine just how either locking or hyperextending a joint can harm the permanently.

Using these terms once exercising

It"s necessary to recognize these concepts, even if you don"t recognize the terms, specifically if girlfriend have restricted range that motion since of a special needs or injury. Her goal might be full range of motion however sometimes that it is a slow process.

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Thanks to http://www.pottspointexercise.com.au/functional-mvt-training.html because that the image.

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