The Moon rock isn"t all the noteworthy, unless you have a select couple of Pokémon in her party. Here"s every one the evolves v one.

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The Pokémon franchise has countless strange, weird, and also unintuitive techniques for evolution beyond the traditional level-up process. Among the original methods to evolve a Pokémon exterior of getting to a certain level was evolutionary stones. These strange and mysterious gems come in a range of types, v each evolving a certain collection of Pokémon as soon as they space exposed to it.

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one of the an initial of this stones come be introduced to the series was the Moon Stone, a mysterious stone that is described as gift "black as the night sky." over there are six Pokémon that will evolve when exposed come a Moon Stone. Right here they are, in no specific order.

The an initial Pokémon in Pokédex order come evolve through a Moon rock is Nidorina. This Poison-type Pokémon will at first evolve from its pre-evolution. Nidoran♀ in ~ level 16, or it have the right to be caught in the wild in many games.

~ exposing it to a Moon Stone, Nidorina will become a Nidoqueen, a powerful Ground/Poison-type Pokémon. In ~ first, it"s not clear why Nidorina (and Nidorino, as we"ll see) evolve through a Moon rock in the means it"s clear v Clefairy or Jigglypuff, which are closely connected with the moon. But, numerous theorize it"s as result of the Nido pair being linked to the East oriental mythology that the moon rabbit. This same mythological tale is also linked to Umbreon.

prefer its female equivalent Nidorina, Nidorino will also evolve once exposed to a Moon Stone. After evolving, Nidorino will come to be Nidoking, a powerful Ground/Poison-type like Nidoqueen. Also like Nidorina, Nidorino will certainly evolve indigenous Nidoran ♂ in ~ level 16.

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One point that sets the two gendered lines apart is their breeding methods. While breeding Nidoran, Nidoran♂, Nidoking, or Nidorino will certainly yield either of the two base stages, Nidorina and Nidoqueen cannot breed. Many have theorized regarding why this is, but it can just it is in an oversight.

among a couple of Pokémon that is an extremely heavily linked with the moon, Clefairy is probably the most well-known instance of a Pokémon the evolves with a Moon Stone. After being exposed come a Moon Stone, Clefairy evolves into Clefable. Clefairy deserve to be caught in the wild or developed from its infant pre-evolution Cleffa once leveled up through high friendship.

Pokédex entries and also in-game lore both repeatedly link Clefairy to the moon. It"s stated that lock come out to play throughout nights through a complete moon, and also that they deserve to store moonlight in the wings on your backs. Cleffa"s "dex entries additionally imply it"s tied to the moon, and also it"s stated to have involved the Pokémon people from external space. Maybe the Moon Stones the the civilization came with them.

The critical Pokémon in nationwide Pokédex order come evolve with a Moon stone is Munna, a Psychic-type introduced in Generation V. This sleepy dream-like Pokémon evolves into Musharna once exposed to a Moon Stone. Munna and also Musharna room both heavily associated with dreams and nighttime, especially in terms of how they interact with dreams. Both are stated to eat the dreams of people and also Pokémon.

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In Japanese folklore, there exists a creature called a Baku. This creature devours nightmares and also somewhat resembles a tapir. This creature is most most likely the design inspiration because that both the Musharna line and also Drowzee, i beg your pardon is an additional Psychic-type associated with eating dreams. Every one of this dream-based architecture speaks come why Munna will evolve when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Level increase an Igglybuff that you"re great friends v or record a Jigglypuff in the wild and you will be the proud owner of among the many iconic Pokémon of every time. If you desire to do it useable in battle, think about evolving it right into a Wigglytuff v a Moon Stone.

Jigglypuff joins Clefairy, Nidorina, and Nidorino in Generation I as a Pokémon that will certainly evolve once exposed come a Moon Stone. Choose Clefairy, Jigglypuff is often associated with the moon itself. While not straight tied to complete moon events or claimed to come native space, some think Jigglypuff is choose Clefairy in these regards. In an illustration of the anime, Jigglypuff sets turn off a radar machine meant come detect Clefairy. Jigglypuff is additionally found near impact sites. A lot of these characteristics make many think Jigglypuff is choose Clefairy and also came from space.

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The critical Pokémon that evolves v a Moon stone is the Generation III Normal-type cat Pokémon, Skitty. This small pink cat will evolve into Delcatty once exposed to a Moon Stone. Part theorize this connection to the moon is somehow related to Skitty"s facial coloring, i m sorry looks prefer a crescent moon.

Delcatty, Skitty"s evolution, additionally had a full moon circle on its confront in its initial design, prior to losing the in Generation IV. Delcatty is additionally said to sleep wherever, whenever, which likewise may tie right into the moon or night-time association.

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