While paying fist to the most recent political concerns the country will soon be facing, it made me think of presidents us have had in the past. One president the sticks out in my mind is Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). FDR was able to properly lead a nation through several of the tensest and unstable circumstances encountered in years. Lot like Gandhi, Lincoln, and also Obama, FDR to be truly a “great man” (Northouse, 2016), possessing most of the ascribed traits linked with good leaders. Over there is no question regarding the impact FDR had actually on the nation during his presidency. His repetitive re-election demonstrates his success together a leader and the nation’s willingness to was standing behind him.Using the trait concept to explain his capacity to it is in an effective leader, one deserve to see what made him a an excellent man. The properties theory focuses on a few main points; intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability (Northouse, 2016). Let’s take it a closer watch at two of these traits of president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

• intelligence was apparent. FDR to be a well-educated guy from his youth, that attended Groton institution in 1904, Columbia legislation School native 1904-1907, Harvard College, Harvard University, and Columbia University. All v his education career, the received an excellent grades and also realized the he excelled in law and also politics. He to be a quick study and had the patience to read publications from cover come cover and talk to an excellent lengths around any topic. He was able to find out a many of details through conversations and that was his preferred technique of learning. (The Hauenstein Center, 2005)

• Self-confidence was another area in which that excelled. His level the self-confidence was astounding; he had actually the capacity to disagree v advisers as soon as they can not come up with an efficient solution to concerns that they faced. His level of self-confidence in truth was therefore high that the presidency conformed come his vision of who he was as the leader of this country. There was nothing that he might not handle with a calm and clarity the was distinct to him. When he to be diagnosed v Polio at age 39, he didn’t want the public to check out him any kind of differently since he was bound to a wheelchair. He worked his finest to keep the appearance the he organized himself come (Berish, 2014)

FDR was recognized for plenty of traits such as an excellent charisma, a solid character, and also a clean vision of America i m sorry were amplified by his intelligence and also self-confidence. V his leading traits, FDR brought the country through difficult times consisting of the an excellent Depression and WWII, there is no the strong set of traits that he possessed, the public would have actually been looking somewhere else for encouragement and also leadership, however with FDR in office, there was a solid man v high values and also immense stamin to command them with these time of hardship.The properties perspective says that specific individuals have actually special inherent or inborn features or attributes that do them leaders, and also it is these qualities that identify them from non-leaders (Northouse, 2016). FDR certainly displayed many leadership qualities. In enhancement to those mentioned above, FDR additionally displayed determination. Determination might have been even further displayed deeper before his death.He additionally used the properties of determination while making decision throughout his life both personally and professionally. According to Northouse (2016), “determination is the desire to obtain the project done and also includes features such as initiatives, persistent, dominance, and also drive”. People with determination show dominance at times and in cases where followers need to be directed. FDR shown his decision in the summer the 1921, once he to be 39, catastrophe hit-he to be stricken v poliomyelitis. Demonstrating indomitable courage, he dealt with to restore the use of his legs, an especially through swim (Fridel & Sidney, 2006). This characteristics of determination no only helped him in his life personally, yet professionally many people took his determination to get far better and offered it to aid themselves.Perhaps few of our future leaders should take class from past presidents. Or, the citizens of the joined States should be aware of previous Presidents and what made them an excellent leaders and also look because that those traits later Presidents that the joined States.

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