Your auto won"t start. You have a dead battery. Us know, it"s a pain! You"d choose to traction it out and get it checked at an auto components store or maybe also replace it—and you desire to perform it you yourself to conserve a couple of bucks.

If friend haven"t attempted come disconnect a battery before, we"re right here to help. It"s straightforward and requires just a pair of tools. However you have to know exactly how to do it correctly to ensure your safety and also make certain that nothing bad happens to your vehicle or its electric system. Follow these steps and the procedure will walk smoothly and quickly.

Step 1: find the Battery

Most vehicles have actually them bolted in place under the hood. You"ll have actually to get to it. If you"ve never raised your vehicle"s hood before, examine your owner"s manual. It"ll call you exactly how to execute it and also where the safety record is under the former of the hood. Some vehicles have their battery tucked away out of vision in the trunk. If friend can"t discover your battery under the hood, it"s nearly for certain in the rear of the vehicle. Again, check your owner"s hand-operated to it is in sure.

Step 2: find the hopeful and an adverse Terminals

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This is one of the most crucial steps. The hopeful terminal is marked with a "+," and also the an adverse is significant with a "-." part batteries have actually plastic caps covering the terminals that will need to be removed for you come gain accessibility to the battery cables—the wires connecting the battery to the rest of the vehicle—and the cable clamps the you will have to remove come disconnect the battery.

Step 3: discover the ideal Wrenches


You will require at most only a couple of wrenches to obtain the task done, relying on how much an are there is to maneuver the wrench and whether the battery cable uses a single bolt on the clamp or one that likewise uses a nut on the other end. You"ll have to borrow the wrenches indigenous a friend or loved one or to buy a set. Most yet not every battery-cable clamps have actually 10-millimeter bolts, for this reason you"ll most likely need a 10-millimeter open-end wrench come disconnect the cables. A socket-wrench collection that includes that same-size socket will be useful as well. In part cases, friend can get by with just an adjustable open-end wrench.

Step 4: Unbolt the Cables


Here"s whereby you have to be careful. Make certain the car"s ignition is off. It"s a an excellent idea to wear eye protection once working about batteries. First, unbolt the an unfavorable battery cable and disconnect that by lifting that free. It could take some wiggling and also twisting to pull it off. It is in sure never to permit the wrench touch both the an unfavorable and hopeful terminals at the exact same time. Also though the battery is technically dead, there might be enough residual power in the to quick it out and create a spark, and you don"t want any type of sparks approximately the battery or the engine compartment. There"s likewise a remote possibility that shorting out the battery this method will damages your vehicle"s electric system or engine-control computer. After ~ you"ve eliminated the an adverse cable, push it far out that the way. Currently remove the positive cable.

Step 5: eliminate the Battery Hold-Down Clamp

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Many batteries room secured through a clamp that locks the battery come the tray that it sits on. Before you have the right to lift it the end of the vehicle, you"ll have to remove this clamp. This will most likely require a socket wrench, probably with an expansion on it, as the bolts that organize the battery deserve to be down low in the battery tray. Congrats, you"ve freed her battery!