There’s an old adage, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” when it comes to driving in Atlanta traffic, there’s no informing what you will do it encounter, especially considering the truth that Atlanta has some the the worst vehicle drivers in the country. While you can’t control other drivers, you can do your part to be prepared and also safe top top the road. That consists of being prepared for emergencies… like a jammed accelerator pedal!

What to do If your Accelerator Jams

While accelerator pedal jams are rare in newer vehicles, they can still happen. If you drive an larger vehicle, that even an ext important to recognize how to take care of a jammed accelerator

Stay Calm

First and also foremost in any kind of traffic emergency: stay calm. Remember come breathe, emphasis on safely regulating the situation, and try not come panic. Panicking deserve to lead to bad decisions the hurt the situation an ext than they help. Put your hazard lights on or flash her lights come alert other drivers. The sooner they check out you coming, the much more likely they room to have the ability to get out of your method and avoid a collision. 

As she watching the road and also the cars around you, scan because that a safe “exit.” have the right to you pull over to the shoulder, emergency lane, or a grassy, empty area? 

Try come Lift the Gas Pedal

Use your right toe to nudge the accelerator upward. If there’s an item lodged underneath the accelerator, shot to safely remove it if maintaining regulate of your vehicle. You will certainly still have your left foot easily accessible to struggle the brake pedal if need be. 

Use her Brake Pedal

If you still can’t acquire the accelerator unstuck, use steady, even pressure come the brake pedal. Don’t just stomp top top the brake; keep pressing down smoothly and also be mindful that your automobile may no respond the method you’re used to. If your vehicle pulls to one next or the other, concentrate on steering and navigating away from various other cars. 

Shift come Neutral

Most modern cars will respond to these strategies, however if your accelerator is quiet stuck, try shifting gears come neutral. Be careful NOT to put the automobile in park or reverse, together that would not just severely damages your transmission however could additionally cause you to shed control. 

Last Resorts

If nothing else has worked and also you’re can not to safely steer your auto to a stop off the road, her last resorts space to revolve off the engine or traction the emergency brake. These need to absolutely never ever be provided unless you have actually no various other choice. 

You need to only turn your ignition off while steering in a true emergency since this “fix” have the right to be almost as dangerous as whatever situation you’re trying to obtain out of. Turning off your ignition will cut the gas and decelerate your car, yet doing so likewise shuts off crucial safety features like power steering. If you’ve ever before tried to rotate the wheel without power steering, you know that the takes a most strength and also makes it very challenging to manage your direction. 

The only other alternative to avoid a automobile with a stuck accelerator is to communicate the emergency brake. Again, this is a “nothing left to lose” option, as pulling the emergency brake while relocating can cause your auto to violently lose control. 

as soon as you’ve safely carried your auto to a stop, it’s important not to journey it till you’ve determined what brought about the gas pedal come stick. If you’re trying to find used auto parts to help you keep your ride running smoothly and also safely, U Wrench It has you covered.

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