The result of your spray repaint project depends not just on technique but likewise depends on exactly how you go around thinning repaint for spraying. You have the right to be as mindful as possible with spraying but if the paint is uneven or lacks consistency, your outcomes will no be what friend want. How come thin paint for sprayer is important, for this reason we space going to guide you with the process. We will be extending HVLP spray guns and airless spray guns. Us will likewise have a watch at making use of oil-based paints and also latex paint and also how the two differ from every other.

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What to do once Thinning paint for Spraying?

There space a bunch of different paints the end there you deserve to use v your spray gun. The thinning process varies on the form of repaint you would choose to use. Permit us have a look at the various varieties of paint.

How to thin Latex Paint?

Latex paint is quite thick, therefore thinning latex repaint is miscellaneous you need to do once using a handheld spray gun, HVLP Sprayers, or airless paint sprayers. The repaint thinning procedure is rather simple, friend can easily use water to thin the paint. Add your repaint to a measure up cup and use something to stir with. Permit us have actually a look in ~ the full process.

First, open up the repaint container and also blend the paint thoroughly. You perform not need to do this as closely if you just got the paint from the store and also it has already been passed through a mix machine.Take the paint and pour the lot you need into another container or bucket. Try not come pour more than you need, as the paint will thicken again if left also long. You will soon uncover the correct proportions that paint and water if you mix the paint every time you fill the spray gun. The paint should have actually an also consistency.Use a one-quarter cup that water each time. This details volume is quite tiny and permits you to thin the paint without do it as well runny. Adding a small amount adjusts the viscosity an ext accurately, therefore you carry out not have to go ago and forth with adding an ext paint 보다 water. Line the paint and also water and test the consistency out to see if that is as desired.The viscosity of the paint needs to fit the application, i m sorry is why experimentation it out beforehand is important. Take a funnel spout and also run the paint through it into your bucket, ii should circulation evenly out. Fill the spray gun through the paint and test it the end on some cardboard or other material. If it come out together it must write the proportions of water to repaint down. Otherwise, ar the paint back into her bucket and add an ext water.Repeat this process until you reach the consistency needed.


In general, thinning latex paint have to be done at a minimum the 10% or 1 gallon of paint to 4 minutes 1 cup water. This is excellent if you space using anything as well as the airless sprayer. However, if you room using one HVLP sprayer or handheld system, you might have to rise your water percent to 20-30%.

Thinning paint for Spraying Acrylic

Acrylic paints are basic to thin, as they are water-based. Exactly how to slim water based paint? friend will have to be careful when thinning repaint for a sprayer, as you must not include too much. Too much water can impact their ability to bond, which can lead to the paint flaking off.

When using acrylic paints on an absorbent surface, you can include up to 50% water. On various other surfaces, try to save it way below 30%.

How to thin Oil-based paint for your Spray Gun

When it pertains to oil-based paints, prefer semi-gloss enamels, they should be thinned. Oil-based paint tends to be slightly less thick 보다 your latex paints, however still need thinning for best results. As soon as thinning her paint, always read the manufacturer label, to verify the preferably thinning ratio.


Also, examine to watch what the label says about the form of diluent you have the right to use, as the oil-based paints require something an ext than water. The percentage essential to thin the paints is usually 10%. However, this is figured out by three things:

The form of applicationSpecific coatingType the oil based paint sprayer used

How to Thin paint for different Paint Sprayer Types

HVLP (high Volume, short Pressure) repaint Gun

This is used mostly as an oil based repaint sprayer. These types of sprayers can also be supplied with latex paints and indoor applications. However, the repaint will should be thinned out rather a bit. Start at 10% water, climate add more until you accomplish the wanted consistency.

You have the right to also include a paint conditioner to water-based paints choose latex. This help the paint to spray an ext easily without in reality thinning that out, and it go not impact the paints capacity to adhere come the surface.

Tips when using one HVLP spray system:

Always strain your repaint using a cone-shaped strainer, this will remove any lumps that paint. This can additionally be done once using one airless sprayer.When making use of a turbine system, it have the right to warm the paint, which will certainly then mitigate the drying time. Also, the may impact the viscosity of the paint, making that thicker. All you need to do to protect against this is to use a longer hose native your wind turbine to the spray gun.

Airless Spray Gun

The airless spray gun systems occupational well v latex paints, some not also requiring any kind of thinning paint for spraying. You can use the paint directly from the paint can. There room some limitations to the airless device when spraying paint that has actually not been thinned. Few of the larger systems space fine when spraying un-thinned paint, but smaller solution that are cheaper will require thinned paint to work properly.

To thin the paint, you have the right to go because that 20% water and also the paint should spray fine. However, if for part reason, you usage an airless device to spray oil-based paint, the paint does not have to be thinned prior to application.

Some Guidelines when Thinning paint for Sprayer

When is the repaint Sprayer repaint thin Enough?

To measure up accurately, a viscosity cup come in handy. This must come v all great quality repaint spray systems. The cup acts together a funnel and also helps inspect the viscosity that the paint. Friend pour part paint into the cup and also if the repaint flows the end smooth and evenly, it is good. Otherwise, if it operation out too fast, you have actually thinned as well much, or if there are thick blobs and also the repaint comes out erratically, girlfriend will must thin it more.

When the paint is too Thin

When thinning your water-based or latex paints, use half a cup the water and mix thoroughly. If girlfriend have included too much water and also the paint just runs out, the is as well thin, and also you will not be able to use this. You will must slowly include some paint right into your repaint bucket, start with half a cup the paint. Stir completely and, if you need to, slowly add an ext until you with the correct consistency. The paint need to pour v the funnel evenly and smoothly.


Using a paint Conditioner

Some human being have offered the product well-known as Floetrol v latex paint, i beg your pardon is a repaint conditioner and also not a thinner. The repaint conditioner help you repaint in less than optimal conditions. For example, when it is humid and also extremely hot. This form of weather will certainly dry the latex paints too quickly, no something you want happening as soon as using a spray gun.

Using Floetrol help the repaint flow better through the spray gun and also can be provided in all varieties of weather conditions. Note, that Floetrol is a repaint conditioner and also not a thinner, it simply causes the repaint to act like oil-based paints and, therefore, boosts the flow of the paint. If you just want come thin your paint, keep to using water as defined above.

Weather Conditions and also Paint

The thickness that paint can be impacted by weather conditions, as stated before. As soon as spraying, very first set your airflow as per manufacturer’s instructions and additionally thin your repaint according to the references of the manufacturer. On her spray gun, you need to see this created somewhere. Because heat and also humidity can influence paint viscosity, the exact same will take place in cold weather conditions. You will need to readjust the thickness the the paint accordingly.

When thinning Paints do not store to strictly Ratios

The consistency of repaint for spraying different according come the moment. Several of the things that impact the repaint include:

Hot or cold weather conditionsHumidityAir pressurePrecise tip size of the spray pistol used

So, use any kind of instructions as a guideline and change according to the spray results you experience. Make tiny gradual adjustments, together you execute not desire to thin the paint too much. Thin repaint will no adhere to surfaces appropriately and whole paint container have the right to be spoiled. Readjust slowly, test and move indigenous there.

Testing the paint Spray

Always use one more surface to check on, something comparable to the surface you want to paint. A smooth hardboard prefer Masonite is something friend can quickly use. Perform not go for things like plywood, together it is more of a stormy surface and you will not have the ability to judge the repaint consistency accurately.

Spray Painting and also Safety Gear

When painting, always wear protective gear, as, as well as water-based paints, most paints can be toxic. The paints produce fumes, which have the right to be harmful, specifically to the eyes and also lungs. You can use a respirator, which has a chemistry cartridge and eye goggles. Also, undertake gloves once working through paint, they safeguard and assist to keep your hands clean.


Exchanging your Spray pistol Tip

When it concerns your perfect spray coating, thinning your paint is a factor but so are various other things. Selecting a spray gun reminder that is bigger may simply be a much more practical means of achieve a better spray pattern.

Questions and Answers

Is it feasible to slim Latex paint with Mineral Spirits?

Latex paint is water-based, so making use of a petroleum-based product will not work. These 2 substances will certainly not mix, and also the mineral soul will also act against the repaint by stopping the paint from difficult to the surface. Review the accuse on the labels, if it is latex paint simply use water to thin it out.

Is Water the ideal Solution to slim Latex Paint?

As mentioned, latex repaint is water-based, so yes water is the ideal option for thinning this form of paint. Again, stop mineral spirits and other thinners, which will certainly only failure the paint. The paint sprayer should have actually instructions included with the kit, explaining how to slim the various varieties of paints. Take note, constantly use little amounts of water progressively to slim paint. Water can be added to thin the paint, however you cannot take out the water and too much could ruin the paint.

Is it crucial to slim Latex paint for Spraying?

Yes, the latex paint does need to be thinned. Also though latex repaint is water-based, the is thicker 보다 the oil-based paint varieties. The thick latex paint requirements to be thinned to have the ability to spray a fine mist the paint. Before using your paint, the is a great idea come test the end the paint’s viscosity. Use a stick to mix the paint and also if repaint adheres to the stick as soon as you take it it out, or if the paint drops back in good globs, the repaint is as well thick. Everything paint application, be it a brush, roller or spray gun, the thickness requirements to it is in measured.

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HVLP Spray Gun and also Latex Paint, space they Compatible?

This will depend on the kind of spray gun and the viscosity of the paint. There need to be a manufacturer’s hands-on with her spray gun, this need to tell girlfriend if latex paint have the right to be used. If yes, you deserve to proceed v thinning the paint and following the procedure of spraying together per the instructions.