Which form of cartilage covers and protects the end of skeletal at easily moveable joints?A. Elastic cartilageB. FibrocartilageC. Hyaline cartilageD. Both hyaline and elastic cartilage
Hyaline cartilage consists the end of long bones together articular cartilage, offering springy pads that absorb compression at joints.

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Hyaline cartilage ________. A. Is the rarest that the skeletal cartilagesB. Creates "shock-absorbing" pads between the vertebraeC. Provides shape come the outside earD. Is found on the end of bones that form movable joints
Hyaline cartilage is discovered on the end of skeleton that form movable joints, where it is referred to as articular cartilage.
When chondrocytes in lacunae divide and form new matrix, it leader to an growth of the cartilage organization from within. This process is called ________.A. Interstitial growthB.hematopoiesisC.appositional growthD.calcification
Interstitial development occurs as soon as chondrocytes division and form new matrix, thereby broadening the cartilage organization from within. (Note: words inter method between, and also stitial method space; these are usual roots because that anatomical terms.)
Choose the FALSE statement. A.The sternum is an example of a level bone. B. Rarely often, rarely bones encompass the vertebrae and hip bones. C.Long bones include all body bones other than the patella.D.Sesamoid bones type within certain tendons.
The main duty of the appendicular skeleton requires locomotion; that also allows us to manipulate ours environment. The axial skeleton is mostly connected in supporting other body parts and protecting critical organs.
Hematopoiesis is a term for which the the following physiological processes?A.blood cell development B.bone formation throughout growth C.release the minerals right into the blood D.energy warehouse in fat tissue
Red bone marrow discovered within certain regions of spongy bone is the site of blood cell development from the differentiation the hematopoietic stem cells.
Bones execute NOT have actually a function in ________. A. Blood cell formation B.supportC. Motion D. Glycogen manufacturing E. Fat storage
Glycogen manufacturing (glycogenesis) is not a role of bone; the takes place primarily in muscle and liver cells.
Dense connective organization forms component of i beg your pardon labeled part of the adult long bone in the figure? A.B.C.D.
The external membrane that bone, the perisosteum, consists of a fibrous external layer composed of thick irregular connective tissue.
In i beg your pardon of the labeled parts of the adult long bone would certainly hematopoietic tissue be located? A.B.C.D.
Hematopoietic tissue is found in the spaces within the red bone marrow uncovered within details body areas consisting that spongy bone. Examples incorporate the diploe of flat bones and the proximal epiphyses that the femur and also humerus (pictured).
The shown osteocyte is located within layers of bony matrix termed ______. A. CanaliculiB.lacunaC.lamellaeD.periosteum
The shown blood vessels and also nerve are found within a ______. A. Perforating (Volkmann"s) canal B. Central (Haversian) canal C. Marrow cavity D.caniculus
Osteocytes are associated to each other through which structure? A. Haversian canal B. Volksmann"s canal C. Lacuna D.canaliculi
Cytoplasmic extensions of osteocytes form contacts within hairlike canals, termed canaliculi, within the lamellae. Сanaliculi permit for communication and exchange the materials between osteocytes.
Which that the adhering to substances is no a ingredient of the osteoid product secreted by the cells shown by the arrowhead in dashboard A? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426334/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-03_artquest.jpgA.calciumB.proteoglycanC.collagenD. Glycoprotein
Calcium is an not natural component of the bone matrix and is deposit from the interstitial fluids. The essential osteoid secreted through bone-forming cells is composed of proteoglycans, glycoproteins, and collagen.
What bone-associated framework in dashboard C is suggested by the arrow? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426335/3/MariebHAP9_ch06-03_artquest.jpgA.osteonB.epiphyseal bowl C.periosteumD.trabeculae
Osteoblasts room the bone-forming cell that develop the organic bone matrix, the osteoid. Tires bone is produced once the not natural matrix forms around the cells and also collagen yarn of the organic matrix.
The structure unit the compact bone is the osteon, an elongated cylinder oriented parallel come the lengthy axis of the bone.
A trochanter is a bone projection. All of the other choices listed are categorized as depressions or openings.
In adults, yellow marrow is located ________. A. In the central canals that osteons B. Mainly in flat bones C. In the medullary cavity of lengthy bones D. In the epiphyseal key of lengthy bones
Which summary of bone cells is INCORRECT? A. Osteoclasts secrete cradle enzymes and hydrogen ions. B. Osteogenic cells can identify into osteoclasts. C. Bone lining cells on the inner surfaces of bone are likewise called endosteal cells. D. Osteoblasts secrete collagen and also calcium-binding proteins.
Osteoclasts are derived from the exact same hematopoietic stem cells that identify into macrophages; they room not derived from osteogenic cells.
In adults, hematopoietic tissue is NOT discovered in ________. A. The level bones that the skull and sternum B. The medullary cavity of lengthy bones C. The hip bones and vertebrae D. The heads of the femur and also humerus
In infants, however not adults, red marrow (hematopoietic tissue) is uncovered in the medullary cavity of long bones.
The osteon is ________. A. A fibrous membrane that covers and also protects bone B. The structure unit that spongy bone C. The structure unit the compact bone D. A network the red marrow
The noteworthy hardness that bone is attributed come ________. A. The presence of proteoglycans B. The presence of glycoproteins C. The visibility of cartilage D. The existence of not natural hydroxyapatites E. The existence of collagen fibers
The outstanding hardness that bone, which enables it to stand up to compression, is attributed to the visibility of mineral salts called hydroxyapatites. The hydroxyapatites, greatly calcium phosphates, type the not natural matrix the bone.
The epiphyseal bowl is ________. A. The long axis that a bone B. Where long bone lengthening wake up C. Wherein yellow bone marrow is produced D. The site of red bone marrow production
Long bones elongate from growth at the epiphyseal plate, a great of hyaline cartilage in between the epiphyses and diaphysis of long bones.
The above figure depicts which of the complying with bone-forming processes? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426331/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-03_artquest.jpgA. Bone remodeling in an answer to transforms in mechanical stress B. Bone fix at a website of fracture C. Intramembranous ossification during embryonic breakthrough D. Endochondral ossification during bone formation and also growth
The number illustrates the formation of new bones in ~ a fibrous membrane ("intramembranous") throughout embryonic development.
The cells shown by the arrow at the center of dashboard A arise from the differentiation of whttps://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426333/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-03_artquest.jpghich precursor stem cell? A. Mesenchymal cell B. Adipose cell C. Osteocytes D. Chondroblasts
Mesenchymal cells are stem cells that identify into the matrix-forming cell of the various connective tissues, consisting of the osteoblasts that form bone.
A action in i beg your pardon bone-forming procedure is presented in the figure? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426337/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-04A_artquest.jpgA. Endochondral ossification B. Intramembrounous ossification C. Bone remodeling D. Bone fracture repair
A action in what bone forming procedure is shown in the figure? A. Intramembranous ossification B. Bone remodeling C. Bone fracture repair D. Endochondral ossification
The structure shown by the arrowhead is composed mainly of what material? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426342/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-04B_artquest.jpgA. Dense connective organization B. Hyaline cartilage C. Fibrocartilage D. Compact bone
The cartilage models offered to kind bones are composed the hyaline cartilage. This organization persists within the epiphyseal plate at the boundary between primary and an additional ossification centers.
During bone growth, which event is most significant at the surface shown by the letter A? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426343/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-05_artquest.jpgA. Development of the cartilage matrix B.conversionof bone into cartilage C. Expansion of articular cartilage D. Counter of cartilage into bone
The expansion of the matrix results in the pushing of the epiphysis away from the diaphysis. This leader to the lengthening the the bone by interstitial growth.
During bone growth, which event is most significant at the surface shown by the letter B? A. Formation of compact bone. B. Cell department of chondrocytes C. Conversion of bone into cartilage D. Calcification the the cartilage matrix
During bone growth, which significant event wake up at the surface suggested by the letter C? https://session.masteringaandp.com/problemAsset/1426345/2/MariebHAP9_ch06-05_artquest.jpgA. Bone resorption B. Counter of spongy bone come compact bone C. Growth of the articular cartilage D. Appositional growth
Growth in width involves the adding of layers of lamellar (compact) bone follow me the bone"s external surface. This process of expansion by "layering" is termed appositional growth and also is distinct from expansion by expansion of the internal matrix (interstitial growth).
During bone growth, which significant event occurs at the surface indicated by the letter D? A. Production of hyaline cartilage B. Bone resorption C. Interstitial expansion D. Manufacturing of compact bone
As the bone widens, the procession at the endosteal surface ar is resorbed to maintain the ideal thickness the the walls neighboring the medullary cavity.
What is endochondral ossification? A. The formation of bone indigenous pre-existing elastic cartilage models B. The development of bone native fibrous membranes C. The development of bone native pre-existing hyaline cartilage models D. The development of bone indigenous pre-existing fibrocartilage models
Endochondral ossification is the formation of bone native hyaline cartilage models. The hyaline cartilage should be broken down and also replaced v the bone tissue.
During infancy and childhood, the most necessary stimulus the epiphyseal plate activity is ________. A. Testosterone B. Development hormone C. Estrogen D. The thyroid hormones
During infancy and childhood the single most crucial stimulus because that bone growth is development hormone. It straight stimulates development of the hyaline cartilage that develops the epiphyseal plates in long bones, resulting in the bones to lengthen.
Hypercalcemia have the right to be led to by_________. A. Inadequate vitamin D levels in the human body B. Hypersecretion the parathyroid hormone C. Reduced parafollicular cell task D. All of the provided responses room correct.
What is the last stage in the heal of a bone fracture? A. Development of a fibrocartilaginous callus B. Bone remodeling C. Formation of a bony callus D. Development of a hematoma
In order, here are the step of bone fracture healing: (1) development of a hematoma, (2) development of a fibrocartilaginous callus, (3) development of a bony callus, and also (4) bone remodeling.
Which that the following is i can not qualify to affect bone remodeling? A. Short blood Ca2+ concentration B. Glucagon C. Mechanical stress and anxiety D. Parathyroid hormone
Glucagon"s main activity is to increase blood glucose level by triggering the breakdown of glycogen in the liver; the does not affect bone remodeling.
Which that the following is correctly matched? A. Straight fracture: the break is perpendicular to the bone"s lengthy axis B. Nondisplaced fracture: the broken bone ends room misaligned C. Link fracture: the fractured bone ends pass through the skin D. Incomplete fracture: the bone is broken through
In a compound (open) fracture the fractured bone ends permeate the skin. Such open injuries bring a greater risk of infection.
The correct order (from begin to finish) that fracture fix is ________. A. Bony callus formation, hematoma formation, fibrocartilaginous callus formation, and bone remodeling B. Hematoma formation, bony callus formation, bone remodeling, and fibrocartilaginous callus development C. Bone remodeling, hematoma formation, fibrocartilaginous callus formation, and bony callus development D. Hematoma formation, fibrocartilaginous callus formation, bony callus formation, and also bone remodeling
From start to finish, a fracture is repaired by: (1) formation of a hematoma, (2) formation of a fibrocartilaginous callus, (3) formation of a bony callus, and (4) bone remodeling. Usage the pneumonic HFBR (His Femur far better Repair!) to assist you mental the order. H = hematoma, F = fibrocartilaginous callus, B = bony callus, R = remodeling.
Which of the complying with refers come a bone disorder found most often in the aged and resulting in the bones coming to be porous and also light? A. Osteomalacia B. Osteoporosis C.ricketsD. Paget"s disease
Osteoporosis ad to teams of conditions in i m sorry bone resorption outpaces bone deposit. The bones end up being fragile and easily fractured. The ingredient of the matrix continues to be normal, however bone massive declines, and also the bones become porous and also light.

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Choose the correct pairing. A. Rickets: deficiency that vitaminB. Osteomalacia: excessive mineralization of the bone C. Paget"s disease: excessive and also haphazard bone deposition and resorption D. Osteoporosis: enhanced bone density
Skeletal cartilage is primarily WATER. (matrix of cartilage has actually lots that water) -This permits it to withstand COMPRESSION.
Which skeletal cartilage:-Provides support, flexibility, and also resilience-only has collagen fibers-include articular, costal, respiratory, and also nasal cartilages
Which skeletal cartilage:-contains elastic fibers-maintains shape-allows good flexibility-is in outside ear and also epiglottis
Which bones cartilage:-thick collagen yarn (great tensile strength)-menisci that knee-vertebral discs-pubic symphysis
Skeletal cartilage have no __________, no ____________ ______________ -surrounded through ___________________ (membrane) -Layer that "_____________ _______________" connective tissue neighboring cartilage -Source the "____________ ____________ ___________________ ________________" by diffusion to cartilage cells" (nutrients are diffused native here)FUNCTIONS: ____________ & _____________, ________________ ____________ _______________ _____________, & _______________________ _______________
Skeletal cartilage have no NERVES, no BLOOD VESSELS-surrounded through PERICHONDRIUM (membrane) -Layer of "DENSE IRREGULAR" connective tissue bordering cartilage -Source of "BLOOD VESSELS supplying NUTRIENTS" through diffusion to cartilage cells" (nutrients room diffused native here)FUNCTIONS: assistance & PROTECTION, CUSHIONING SHOCK between BONES, & CONNECTING TISSUES
GROWTH of CARTILAGE:-growth indigenous the exterior -Cells secrete new matrix against external challenge of existing cartilage
GROWTH the CARTILAGE:-growth native the within - Chondrocytes divide and also secrete new matrix "expanding cartilage from within"
GROWTH of CARTILAGE:-Hardens (due come deposit that calcium salts), yet "calcified cartilage is no bone"-Occurs during normal bone expansion (youth & old age)