Yes, a 3500 watt will certainly run your RV! In fact, it will certainly run just about any size RV. However, it depends on countless appliances you desire to operation at the exact same time. It’s possible you might run into troubles trying to run whatever at once. Yet otherwise, a 3,500 watt generator is plenty of power to operation just around anything in your RV.

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Will a 3500 Watt Generator run My RV?

The many power hungry appliance in her RV is your air conditioning system. It requires about 3,500 watt of strength to start up a common 15,000 BTU air air conditioning unit, and around 1,500 watts to store it running. Most RVs usage a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit. Tiny RVs and trailers will usage a 13,500 BTU unit, which call for a small bit less electricity.

If you’re to run an air conditioning unit, girlfriend still have another 2,000 watts of strength for various other appliances. You have the right to still power a 1,000 watt microwave oven. You have the right to still strength a 1,500 watt toaster or hair dryer. Many of these various other appliances only runs for 2 to 10 minutes at most.

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You Still have Batteries for her 12 Volt System

All RVs have a battery bank to power its 12 volt system. A generator is not needed for this system, though it is helpful to keep batteries charged. Her RV’s 12 volt device is what powers your lights, overhead fans, water pump, power awning, strength jacks, and also thermostat. These all run from your battery bank.

There are other appliances that operation off of propane or 120 volt power, that additionally draw power from your RV’s 12 volt system. Examples are her refrigerator, i m sorry still needs 12 volt strength to operation its regulate panel. Her water heater, which usually runs turn off of propane, still needs 12 volt strength to run its regulate unit. Your furnace likewise needs 12 volt power to run its inner fan and also igniter.

You might Need A Generator come Recharge your Batteries

Almost all RVs have some kind of battery recharging mechanism built-in. This usually needs you come plug her RV into a electric pedestal at an RV park. However, you can additionally replace the pedestal with a generator. You usage the very same cable that you would certainly use with an RV park pedestal v a generator.

A 3,500 watt generator is much more than enough power come recharge your batteries. Typically, most boondockers clear up for a smaller sized generator, usually in between 2,000 come 2,200 watts. They choose these smaller generators due to the fact that they’re lot lighter come carry, and require less storage space.

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3,500 Watt Generators space Heavy

A common 3,500 watt generator will certainly weigh in between 100 come 120 pounds. When you add fuel to it, that weight can increase by about another 40 pounds. A common 2,000 watt generator weighs in between 40 come 50 pounds. These smaller sized generators carry only 1 gallon the fuel, for this reason weight only rises by around 8 pounds.

Most boondockers who tow a trailer will keep a 3,500 watt generator in the earlier of your pickup truck. However, lock will keep the smaller 2,000 watt generator in their trailer.

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If you plan to purchase the more heavier 3,500 watt generator, be prepared to lift it into the earlier of her pickup truck, and also be able to adjust its oil and also filters in the ago of the van too.

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