The wheel has actually been good to too many of daily contestants top top “Wheel of Fortune,” helping world earn thousands of dollars, and also in rare situations minting new millionaires too.

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While you build your own strategies for earning huge bucks on the video game show, take it a look at the greatest “Wheel” winners of every time, with data native TheThings.

Leading off our list is Leanna McLaughlin, that won just under $70 grand on the show, not bad for the bottom that the list. The assumption: v “I'll it is in in mine dressing room” earned her $36,000 the that complete winning.

As Dave Andrade’s 2020 appearance proved, folks are still winning buckets of cash top top “Wheel the Fortune” every year. And also that’s there is no counting the precious of the new car Andrade won during his run too.

According to TheThings, Sheri bank earned $18,000 ~ above the final puzzle in she 2015 appearance by guessing Brussels, Belgium, a ar she might probably one day move with assist from her winnings.

TheThings points out that DeSanto only had actually one letter to help him settle the final puzzle, yet he nailed “The Lone Ranger” all the same.

Now we come to the millionaires, the rarely bunch who have walked far from “Wheel” through nine much more digits in their financial institution accounts. Buy it Manchester may sit at the bottom of that trio, however the Teacher’s main winner couldn’t be more beloved.

The first ever “Wheel the Fortune” winner come nab a mill, Michelle Loewenstein shocked fans when she appeared on the display in 2008.

Autumn Ehard wasn’t the very first to victory a million bucks on “Wheel of Fortune,” because she appeared five year after Loewenstein, however she still holds the record for the most complete winnings in a single game, a whopping $1.03 million and also change.

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