If you ask many guys, they will say males see girls together two different types. It"s pretty simple: There"s the type of girl he wants to date, and also the kind of girl that will eventually want to marry. However let"s be actual here: there are numerous sub-categories within the dating people today under i m sorry a male will divide a girl. Even if it is he watch her together girlfriend material or not, a girl will loss under one (or several) the them. But what walk it median when a guy says you “fun” or “sexy” but never calls you “beautiful”? How around when a male says you “awesome” and “chill” but doesn’t want anything serious with you? Even an ext importantly, just how does he define you come his friends?

Here"s what a guy way when he labels a girl the complying with things:


This girl has actually the bod of a god, and also she knows exactly how to work-related it. She will be funny to hang out with, and also the very first person he thinks of for a late-night prey call. However sexy alone is no going to it is in wifey material in the long run.

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This is the gal who has actually the whole package. She"s a herbal beauty, both inside and out. She has style, confidence and class all her own… and also she"s the one most men want to marry someday. As soon as she wakes increase in the morning in his boxer shorts, oversized t-shirt and no make-up, and he says, “You look at beautiful,” she is.


The fun girl is all around spontaneity, whipped cream, and skinny dipping. She has actually her eye on the prize. She knows what she wants, and is identified AF to gain it. That can constantly count on she to bring something memorable to the table. Every relationship needs a little bit of the to store it fresh. Permanent though, the needs an ext substance.


She will certainly most most likely not be the one to do the first move. She likewise may no be outwardly spontaneous, like the fun chick in the bunch. But she"s adorable and sweet in her own way. The cute girl is going to do him lunch, bake him brownies and be an amazing friend. She is laid back, but she might be viewed as too much of a “friend” or “sister” at times. She might not be captivating enough to victory his heart.

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She can"t do a last-minute or uncomplicated plan. She attract full-on makeup and also jewelry come the beach, and also wedges to a baseball game. She it s okay pissed off at just around everything the says and does, and also she can"t ever before let points slide. She’s a many work, and also she may not be worth the effort.

Just OK

There to be absolutely no link whatsoever. He more than likely won"t even remember the he met she the next time they run right into one another.