Does he choose you? Is he simply being polite? What does that really median when a guy says you’re perfect? Trying to decipher a man’s feelings can drive even the many sane woman crazy.

Maybe the guy you favor seems come be into you, yet how deserve to you it is in sure? I’m going to reveal the height 15 signs a male thinks about you a lot more than you can realize.

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When you don’t recognize these signs, you could be absent out on substantial signals around how he yes, really feels around you. And when you know what to look for, you’ll have the ability to rest easy discovering to check out the indicators that the cares much more than the says.

I’m also going to share the huge signs he’s obsessed with you so you know if you have actually a shot in ~ true love by knowing how to phone call if he thinks you’re the one.

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In summary…

You have your own inside joke that mentions something reminds the of you, or something around you He follows you on society media the hugs you, initiates contact with friend He’s happy when you’re about He doesn’t use his phone about you that goes the end of his means to make you happy the remembers small things around you that asks your opinion prior to making decisions that will impact you the laughs along with you and also at her jokes He wants your time with each other to be high quality He’s curious about you He claims he’s been thinking around you He tells you personal details He introduce you to his friends and family